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Head of the Mining Museum

Postal address: 2, 21 Line,
Vasilievsky Island,

Telephone: 321-4082.
Room: 1227

The Mining Museum includes
23 members

The mineralogical collection of the Mining Museum originated from the Chamber of Russian and Foreign Minerals. All mines and mining-related industrial enterprises were obliged to send their most valuable samples to the Mineral Chamber by the order of Empress Catherine II.

Today the Mining Museum is home to exclusive collections of minerals, ores and rocks, paleontological curiosities, collections of models and miniatures on the history of mining and metallurgical equipment, melee weapons, stone-cutting products and jewelry. The museum has a total of 240 thousand exhibits. Many of them are unique. For example: a block of malachite weighing 1504 kg, the largest copper nugget in Russia known as the ‘Bearskin’, and a polychrome topaz crystal weighing 11 kg.

The museum occupies 20 halls with a total area of 4000 m2. More than 350,000 people have visited the museum in the past 5 years. The Mining Museum is an academic, cultural and educational division of the university. The Museum is closely connected with the educational process, and plays an important role in training highly qualified specialists.

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