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Traineeship in Japan

Wednesday, 24 August, 2016
Traineeship in Japan
Traineeship in Japan
Traineeship in Japan
Traineeship in Japan

Sergey Solovyev and Anna Mineyeva, post-graduate students of the Mining University, have completed the traditional traineeship at Marubeni Corporation (Tokyo, Japan). One of the objectives of the traineeship was to study modern energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies in industrial production.

Marubeni Corporation is a major Japanese universal trading company that sells mining, construction and transportation machinery, and has business interests in oil and gas and metallurgic industry.  The Mining University implements a number of joint programs in partnership with Marubeni Corporation. In particular, every year at the invitation of the company's management the Mining University students have industrial traineeships at the companies of Marubeni Corporation and its partner companies.

The first part of the traineeship included meetings with the leading specialists of Marubeni Corporation. The representatives of St. Petersburg University attended fifteen lectures on the activities of each division of the corporation. They learned about the unique business model of the Japanese trading house that covers the entire technological cycle of production and sale of products, from raw material supply to selling a variety of products – clothes, food, chemicals, power plant machinery – to the consumer.

At the second stage, the guests visited partner productions who have commercial interests in our country. Among them were oil and gas giants Osaka Gas and JOGMEC, electric utilities provider Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS ROTOBO.

The visit to ROTOBO was especially important for the host country. The fact is that Marubeni has strong business ties with our country. For instance, it is involved in the development of oil and gas on the northeastern shelf of Sakhalin Island, and therefore is planning to strengthen cooperation with Russian companies. The company has five offices in Russia, one of them in St. Petersburg.

While getting to know the companies of Chubu Electric Power Co., the students visited Kawagoe Power Station located in a suburb of the city of Nagoya, on the coast of Ise Bay. It runs on liquefied natural gas transported by tank ships. The main advantages of the power station are water purification and exhaust gas treatment systems allowing to minimize the environmental risks, low noise from the generators, and high efficiency. The latter is achieved due to a number of factors, among which is dual feed system of heated vapor and gas.

"These traineeships are crucial," said Sergey Solovyev, post-graduate student of the 4th year of Electromechanical Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering. "Students and postgraduate students who are mainly involved in theoretical research can see in practice the work of large companies and technological innovations they introduce in production. It's great that the University management gave us a chance to enrich our experience in the field of energy-efficient solutions. Marubeni partners together with the company's direct participation, for example, greatly expanded the possibilities of modern technologies in urban infrastructure. Learning about such projects has a great influence on the assessment of the prospects of their use, including Russia."

"In general, Marubeni Corporation and its partners had a most pleasant impression on us; they are real professionals", said Anna Mineyeva, post-graduate student of the 3d year of Economic Faculty, Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance. "And besides, they are very hospitable people, very open. Japan and Marubeni Corporation in particular are seeking to expand their ties, and Russia is among their priorities. And this makes me happy, because integration processes will certainly be highly beneficial for both parties."

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