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Visit of the delegation DAAD

Friday, 14 April, 2017
Visit of the delegation DAAD

A working meeting between the rector Vladimir Litvinenko and the delegation of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) took place. The parties discussed the prospects for cooperation, in particular, the timing of the DAAD scholarship conference based at St. Petersburg University and the participation of mining students in specialized scholarship programs.

DAAD provides an opportunity for students from around the world to gain experience of study and research abroad. Most of the scholarships (about 100 thousand per year) are allocated to graduate and post-graduate students, as they have already been able to demonstrate their academic ability and can use the opportunity to more efficiently than the students of the initial courses.

Since its foundation in 1925, DAAD has supported almost two million scientists. It is not only financial assistance but also work in the integration of the higher education institutions in different countries. Special attention is paid to the issue of the internationalization of German universities, the strengthening of German studies and the status of the German language abroad.

The delegation of DAAD that came to the Mining University on a working visit included the director of the scholarship department, Dr. Birgit Klüsener, the head of the North Hemisphere Scholarship Unit, Mr. Benedikt Brisch, and the head of the information center in St. Petersburg, Ms. Beate Kolberg. Within the framework of the meeting with the rector Vladimir Litvinenko, a number of topical issues were discussed. Among them is the creation of a special program of cooperation between the "Gorny" and DAAD, which will determine quotas for training students of the oldest technical university in Russia in German universities.

In addition, the parties have agreed that every year 10-15 St. Petersburg students will be sent to Germany for a general acquaintance with the system of higher education in Germany and with the subject of scientific research of German scientists. "Work in the field of academic exchange should be mutually beneficial," said Vladimir Litvinenko. "Therefore, we, in turn, are waiting for students from Germany." Such exchange is important not only in terms of improving the skills of students, their competitive advantage in the labor market. This is also necessary in order to better understand the mentality of each other, build good-neighborly relations, based on the principles of mutual respect.."

After discussions, the date of the DAAD Scholarships Conference based on the Mining University was also agreed in advance. It will be held in 2018. In addition, the guests received an invitation to participate in the conference of the Russian-German Raw Materials Forum, which will be held at Multifunctional Complex “Gorniy” this fall.

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