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The agenda of the XIX International Congress of Coal Preparation was discussed in the Mining University

Friday, 7 July, 2017
The agenda of the XIX International Congress of Coal Preparation was discussed in the Mining University

The Rector Vladimir Litvinenko and the President of the Indian society of coal preparation Raj Kumar Sachdev had the working meeting devoted to the organization of the International Congress of coal preparation. The forum will take place in 2019 in New Delhi (India).

In the world structure of fuel and energy resources consumption the coal share is 29% currently. It takes the second place after oil, which share is only 33%. In the long term, the demand for coal will fall due to transition of the countries to cleaner technologies. However, modern scientific developments allow to say that in the nearest future new eco-friendly products can be created on its basis. It is especially urgent as the universal proved coal reserves by 5-7 times exceed oil reserves. It means that coal preparation is an opportunity for Russia to keep leadership in the post-oil era in the power industry sphere.

The Rector of Mining University Vladimir Litvinenko is sure that the future of the branch is connected with the creation of new, hi-tech products. "Value of coal as energy resource, certainly, will decrease. However, it will be demanded as raw material for creating innovations. For example, environmentally friendly water coal fuels", he noted.

The main objective of the International congresses of coal preparation is to provide an assessment of technological breaks prospects which are connected with the creation of new products received in the process of coal preparation as well as business strategy elaboration directed to improve the branch performance. Such Forum was held in the Mining University last year. There were more than 900 Russian participants and 400 foreign delegates from China, India, Poland, Australia, Great Britain and the other countries. Among them there was the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak.

The president of the Indian society of coal preparation Raj Kumar Sachdev within the closing ceremony of the XVIII International Congress, which took place in the Multifunctional complex "Gorniy", was elected the Chairman of the International congress of coal preparation in 2019. Today he has arrived to St. Petersburg to discuss the scope of the forum which is coming in 2 years, and also to adopt the organization practice of large-scale event. The deep coal preparation allowing to receive environmentally friendly products will become one of the main subjects of the agenda. By the way, Raj Kumar Sachdev is the author of the monograph "Environmental Protection Recommendations for Coal Mining" and some other works in this field.

"Currently India is known as the country of IT technologies, the developed industry and, of course, coal deposits. The congress which will be held in 2019 has to become the following milestone in connection of these three components. And after visiting the Mining University I have understood how it is actually necessary to organize such events. There is much to learn from Russian miners", Raj Kumar Sachdev resumed at the end of the visit.

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