PBK: V. Putin will establish a new mineral resources university in Saint-Petersburg

V. Putin will establish a new mineral resources university in Saint-Petersburg


The National Mineral Resources University (Saint-Petersburg) and Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany) are planning to establish the joint mineral resources university. As it is said at the official website of the Saint-Petersburg university this issue was discussed at the working meeting in London.

The joint Russian-German university will be named after Mikhail Lomonosov. The parties - government representatives of Saint-Petersburg and Saxony, business companies, rectors of both universities Vladimir Litvinenko and Bernd Meyer – approved the schedule of activities for preparation of memorandum signing materials, which will be done within the framework of the RF President Vladimir Putin visit to Germany.

The goals of the new university will be training of global specialists for working at the companies implementing joint projects of two countries in the mineral resources sector and carrying out the researches in this sphere. The training will be at Saint-Petersburg and Germany.

The experts’ forecasts say that this model of cooperation could be very successful. Recently the most analysts agree that absence of world-class universities in Russia is connected with two important peculiarities. Firstly, Russian university teachers hardly comply with open academic space and “transnational” university community. As the Head of the Center of Institutional Studies National Research University Higher School of Economics, Pro-rector Maria Yudkevich claims the Russian academic culture stays closed and self-sufficient. The competitiveness among teachers is limited by the local market which is not typical for open academic space. All these influence the teaching standards at higher school.

Secondly, the university adjustment to demands of employment market is underdeveloped. As OPEC writes under the pressure of effective demand of the population the regional infrastructure and discipline-specific universities tried to compete with traditional universities and opened non-major faculties (e.g., economics, law, etc) and in many ways lost the connection with the employer. Many infrastructural universities came on the downward path and lost part of their business and resources.


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