The University realizes the importance of international integration in the field of education, and is the initiator and active participant in several international educational projects.
The most significant projects are:

The M.V. Lomonosov Russian-German Mineral Resources University

The M.V. Lomonosov Russian-German Mineral Resources University is the joint initiative of the National Mineral Resources University or ‘Mining University’ and its long-term partner, the Freiberg Mining Academy. This initiative is designed as the realization of the ideas of the  Russia-Germany Raw Materials Forum, a Memorandum on creation of which was signed in Dresden in October 2006 in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and it is based on the interests of both countries in the implementation of modern systems of education and advanced training of specialists and executive personnel, as well as in the development and implementation of innovative technologies on resource-saving and energy-efficient mining and processing of mineral raw materials.

Special attention should be paid to the integrated and balanced development of mathematical, natural-scientific, technical, engineering, economic and related disciplines.

It should be noted that cooperation between Germany and Russia in the field of geology, mining and metallurgy, as well as resource management, has a history going back more than 300 years, and the National Mineral Resources University, the ‘Mining University’, and   the Freiberg Mining Academy, along with cooperation in various scientific fields, are also connected with the name of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov.

Between 1739 and 1740 Mikhail Lomonosov, who was sent to Germany by the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, studied and worked as a researcher in Professor Genkel’s Freiberg metallurgical laboratory. For this reason it is proposed that the name of M.V. Lomonosov is given to the Mineral Resources University.

The organizational structure of the Mineral Resources University will be determined by partner universities within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement.

Financial security of the Mineral Resources University is provided by the relevant University partner independently in its own country. It includes basic and additional funding.

Pursuing the goal of consolidating the role of the leading global University in the raw materials sector, the Russian-German Mineral Resources University is open to participation in this along with other leading universities in Russia, Germany and other countries.

The idea of the creation of the Mineral Resources University by Russia and Germany is supported and approved by numerous governmental, public and private organizations as well as major companies operating in the raw minerals sectors in Russia and Germany.

A Memorandum on the establishment of the M.V. Lomonosov Russian-German Mineral Resources University

International University of Resources

In November 2007 rectors of five European mineral resources universities signed the contract on the creation of the International University of Resources to improve the quality of education and the level of scientific research, creation of unified approaches to educational standards, and, in general, strengthening the competitive positions of each of the universities.

The International University of Resources includes:

  1. The St. Petersburg State Mining University (Russia).
  2. The Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany).
  3. The Mining University, Leoben (Austria).
  4. The Krakow Mining Academy (Poland).
  5. The National Mining University, Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).

Successful work of the partner universities within the framework of the International University of Resources was the basis for the expansion of the participants of this international association and led to the idea of the creation of the World Forum of sustainable development, which unites universities of raw materials profiles in all regions of the world.

World Forum of sustainable development

The initiator of the creation of the World Forum of sustainable development in 2012 were made by the national Mineral Resources University, the ‘Mining University’ and the Freiberg Mining Academy.

The purpose of the Forum is to implement the global ideas of sustainable development with reference to the cycles of processing raw materials with a special focus on the sphere of education and science and the creation of new consciousness in the use of resources in society, economics, science and politics.

Priority areas of work for the Forum are:

  • ecology
  • economics
  • public perceptions


  • implementation of common standards in education (advanced examples)
  • establishment of contacts between universities, working on stable development
  • creation of a communication platform for the exchange of information and discussions

A Memorandum on the establishment of the Forum was signed by 83 Universities. Another 180 universities may become potential participants of the Forum in the near future.

Currently, work is being completed on the Constitution of the Forum, its organizational structure and working groups.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 2014.


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