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Dear alumni!

This page is for you. We are always happy to hear your views on studying at our University and life in Saint-Petersburg. We value your opinion! And we are happy to help our alumni get in touch with others they may have lost touch with.

Please feel free to write to us, making sure you write Alumni in the subject line, at

Our University keeps in touch with its foreign alumni. Many are members of different Associations. The University has close relations with foreign graduate associations from countries likes Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Nepal, Albania and others.
Many of our graduates are now directors of mining companies and scientific institutes. Some hold high positions in government. Here are some examples:

  • The first President of Mongolia Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat (graduated in 1965), Doctor of the first Technical Russian High School, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Vice-Chairman of the Constitutional Court;
  • The first President of Tajikistan (1990 - 1991) Qahhor Mahkamov (graduated  in 1953);
  • Director-General of diamond mining company Catoka Ltd. (Angola) Jose Manuel Augusto Ganga Junior;
  • The President of MAK, gold mining corporation, Byamba Nyamtayshir (graduated  in 1980), Magister of Technical Sciences;
  • The Director of the Hanoi Scientific-Research Institute of Mining Science and Technology (Vietnam) Fung Man Duk (graduated  in  1976), the Candidate of  Technical Sciences;
  • The Rector of Mining Metallurgical institute of Moa (Cuba) Manuel Vega Almager, Candidate of Technical Sciences;
  • The Financial Director of Geological Service of Mongolian Mineral Resource Ministry Zagdsuren Ganbaator (graduated  in  1989),  Magister of Economy.
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