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"... This school library and all the equipment
must also be included in​​to receipt books and
checked out to teachers in case they need them ... "
 Mining School Statute, 1774


The first books in the amount of 70 volumes were purchased from booksellers in St. Petersburg on May 17, 1774 by one of the first teachers of the school, the famous Russian fabulist I.I.Hemnitser. According to the "register book" the library stock acquired books on mining, metallurgy, geology, physics, chemistry, mathematics which were works by the world-famous Western European scientists: H.E.Gellert , I.P.Ebergard, I.G.Leman etc . Besides them Berg Collegium donated the works by Mikhail Lomonosov "First foundations of metallurgy and ore mining" (1763) and I.A.Shlatter "A detailed instruction in ore mining" (1760) and others. All of these books formed the basis of the library of the Mining School and became the first textbooks for students.

The second collection was received as a gift from Yekaterinburg in 1775 (194 titles) from the personal library of Vasiliy Nikitich Tatishchev, statesman, historian and organizer of the mining industry of the Urals. Many books still have preserved possessory notes by V.N. Tatishchev, Y.V.Bryus , A.M.Karamysheva, A.A.Nartov and many others.

The third part of books ( 42 volumes ) was acquired by the Mining School teacher A.M.Karamyshev during his stay in Stockholm in 1779. They previously belonged to the Swedish scientist, publisher and bookseller Lawrence (Lars) Salvius.
Later the library was replenished through the purchase of books, purchase of private collections, donations of prominent scientists of the institute. According to the catalog compiled by the librarian Ippolit Maskle, in 1797 the library stock included 2,238 volumes. In 1829, the Mining School acquired the library of the academician, professor of the Mining School Alexander Nikolayevich Scherer - 5519 volumes of books and journals on chemistry, physics, medicine and mineralogy. By the end of the XIX century the collection consisted of more than eighty thousand volumes.

The library stock is a rich collection of Russian and foreign literature which is annually updated with new books and journals. At present it has about 1.2 million books on mining, geology, metallurgy, natural and technical sciences in Russian and more than 20 foreign languages. Among them are ancient publications, including the ones of the XVI century, manuscripts, preserved in a single copy in the world, autographed books and books with author’ marks.

The library is a repository of one of the most complete collections of works by Georg Agrikola (1494-1555), a famous German scientist in the field of mining and metallurgy. For more than two centuries, a manuscript of one of the first organizers of mining in Russia, Wilhelm de Gennin (1676-1750) has been kept in the library stock. The two-volume manuscript, rewritten by the Mining School students in the 80-ies of the XVIII century, has hand-colored illustrations, drafts, plans of factories and workshops. For many decades, the work, with a detailed description of existing equipment and technological processes in mining, served as guidance for several generations of miners and metallurgists.

The multivolume "The Russian mining history ....." written in 1807-1819 by the Russian mining activist Nikita Sergeyevich Yartsev (1737-1819)and being a full course of mining practices of that time, is preserved only as a manuscript. The scientific collection contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, general purpose and specialized reference books. Besides modern theses and abstracts (about 7 thousand units) theses of XVI-XIX centuries, mainly from Swedish and German universities and academies, are stored here.

Particularly noteworthy are periodicals, including the complete collection of many journals: "Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences", "Mining Journal", etc. Since 1907 the Main Library has stored “Proceedings of the  Mining Institute”, the first issue of which was entitled "Proceedings of the Mining Institute of Empress Catherine II» November 12, 1907.

Of particular value are the works by scientists- alumni of the Mining Institute, the founders of research areas. Among them are works by D.I. Sokolov (1768-1852) , the author of the first Russian textbook on geology, the unique work by the famous metallurgist P.P.Anosov (1796-1851) , the first textbook on mining in Russian A.A.Uzatis (1814-1875), books on mineralogy by the academician V.M.Severgin (1765-1826) , eleven volume edition by academician N.I.Koksharov ( 1818-1892/93 ), works by professor of geology I.V.Mushketov ( 1850-1902 ) , works by crystallographer E.S.Fedorov (1853-1919) , books on mining by B.I.Bokiy (1873-1927) , V.I.Bauman (1867-1923) , N.G.Kell’ (1883-1965 ) and many others.

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