General characteristics of school of science, its stability and areas of development

The school of science has existed for more than 50 years. It is a leading Russian and international school in the geomechanic and geodynamic safety of mining and the protection of embedded engineering systems.

The school’s research work mainly covers the provision of safety and efficiency at mineral deposit developments and facilities in the mineral resources sector, and other kinds of management of subsurface resources.

The results of the research provide new theoretical knowledge about rock mass and the results of interrelation of natural and industrial processes, as well as applied results enabling a reduction in accidents in geodynamic processes.

The school’s new theoretical results include the following:

  • Regularities of energy exchange processes in block masses;
  • Regularities of rock ‘memory’ phenomena;
  • New knowledge about structural changes and stress-deformed condition of rocks in mutual action of force and temperature fields;
  • New scientific data on industrial seismicity, transformation of parameters of cumulative recurrence curves and parameter dependence from correlation of natural and industrial input factors;
  • Mechanisms of natural and industrial process cooperation leading to an increase in accidents;
  • Research into rock failure, structural changes and stress-deformation conditions in mutual action of force and temperature fields.

The list of main applied results includes:

  • Improvement and development of seismic activity forecasting methods;
  • Methods of complex seismic-deformation monitoring in open pit, underground and mixed (open pit-underground) mining;
  • Geomechanical justification of high-intensity second excavations of thick coal seams;
  • Development of new lining methods and new constructions of rock bolting in mining excavations, enabling high-intensity second excavations;
  • Improvement of identification methods of geodynamic hazardous zones and methods of rock mass unloading;
  • Methods to improve the efficiency of the degassing of coal seams;
  • New approaches to safety provision of pipelines, traffic arteries and city utility systems;
  • Reduction of main traffic arteries and city utility systems accidents by 25% and more;
  • Development of simulation methods of hydrogeological processes and hydrogeological provision of mining safety;
  • Developments of methods and techniques of geodynamic and geohydromechanic monitoring at mineral deposits and provision of dump pile and tail safety.

Currently the school of science includes six main research areas:

1. Provision of geodynamic safety in mining (head, Doctor of Engineering Sciences A.N. Shabarov)

2. Research of physical-mechanical properties of rocks and simulation of geodynamic processes in block masses (head, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Y.M. Kartashev).

3. Rock pressure control during bank excavation of ore deposit (head, Doctor of Engineering Sciences M.A. Rozenbaum).

4. Management of hydrogeological modes and ground movement processes in mining (head Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Y.A. Norvatov).

5. Protection of engineering structures from geodynamic risks and industrial seismic processes (head, Doctor of Engineering Sciences S.V. Tsirel).

6. Working out methods of development, condition monitoring and provision of hydraulic mine and tailing dumps safety (head, Doctor of Engineering Sciences Y.I. Kutepov)

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RF government prize

Development and implementation of technical means and tools of large-scale development of dump embankments, hydro-dump piles and tails at mining enterprises


Y. I .Kutepov



Saint-Petersburg Government Prize

Development of innovative activities in the educational institution

A.N. Shabarov,

E.K. Melnikov

S.V. Tsirel




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