Laboratory of Physical and Mechanical Properties and Rock Failure

Laboratory Head
Ilinov Mikhail Dmitrievich

Теl: 321-8143





Ilinov Mikhail Dmitrievich - Laboratory Head, Candidate of Science;
Kartashov Yuriy Mikhailovich - Senior Research Fellow, Doctor of Science;
Lodus Evgeniy Vasilievich - Senior Research Fellow, Doctor of Science;
Karmanskiy Aleksandr Timofeevich - Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Science;
Korshunov Vladimir Alekseevich - Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Science;
KozlovVladimir Aleksandrovich - Senior Research Fellow;
Petrov Dmitriy Nikolaevich - Junior Research Fellow;
Bichin Andrey Konstantinovich - Engineer;
Shokov Anatoliy Nikolaevich – Engineer;
Grizatulina Irina Nerullaevna – Engineer;
Solomoychenko Dmitriy Anatolievich – Engineer;
Vasileva Tatiana Vasilevna -



  • Investigation in the field of rock mechanics, soils, building and polymer materials concerning to mining, construction of surface and underground facilities and geological ecology.
  • Development of new methods and improvement of existing techniques to investigate material properties.
  • Designing tools to investigate material properties under laboratory conditions.


In the field of fundamental research:

  • Investigation of the physical nature of resistance and deformability for rocks to establish their new regular changes   depending on the stratification depth, loading speeds, temperature, humidity and other influential factors.
  • Identification objective laws of the energy exchange and parametric variations for energy active zones in the mass to   forecast its stressed-deformed state and geodynamic activity.
  • Study of the properties of the "memory" of rocks under physical-mechanical influences.

In the field of applied research:

  • Experimental research in the field of micro and macro fractures propagation mechanism in coal and adjacent strata under the action of stress field by taking liquid and gas pressure into account as applied to the problem of oil and gas inflows stimulation.
  • Experimental research in the field of the processes of sorption, desorption and volumetric swelling of coals with varying degrees of metamorphism at saturation by methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  • Working out standards of composition, volume and methods for determining the mechanical properties of rocks during prospecting and exploration of the deposits by underground mining.
  • Development of the new methods and tools to investigate rock properties under the conditions of the real rock mass.
  • Development of the methods for experimental evaluation of areas with high methane concentration according to data of in-seam seismic surveying.

In the field of scientific and service assistance according to enterprises research:

  • Definition of the standard methods of physical and mechanical properties of soils, rocks, construction and polymeric materials used as basic data during designing, building and exploitation of underground facilities.
  • Carrying practical training for third-party specialists to develop equipment and techniques worked out by the laboratory to determine the properties of rocks and materials.

In the field of training:

  • Providing lectures and practical training for students of the Mining Institute according to the major field of the laboratory’s activities.


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