SPORTS CLUB "GORNYAK" | Горный Университет


President of the Sports Club "Gornyak"

Murzakhanov Nikolai Alexeevich

Master of Sports, international class

2, 21st Line, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg 199026

Tel. 8-911-159-46-37
Tel. (812)-328-86-86


‘The Miner’ sports club was established at the Mining University on December 30, 2005 (Order No. 366) in accordance with the Decree of the Academic Council from 23 December, 2005.
The purpose of the club is to train sportsmen and women to achieve top sporting results, improve the physical state of trainees (students, undergraduates, graduate students) and teaching staff at the University, and boost interest in sports and exercise among students and staff.
Seventy types of sports are practiced at the University. The University is a student center of combat sports in St. Petersburg.
The University’s teams are the strongest teams in Russia in sports such as judo, ju-jitsu, kyokushin karate, cheerleading and ballroom dancing.

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