Alexander Khloponin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (VIDEO), 01.09.2014


By order of the Chairman of the Government and the President of the Russian Federation today I am responsible for as important a sector as natural resources. This is my first momentous visit to the University of Mines in St. Petersburg, which is the major centre for development of geology and natural resources in Russia. As a first visit, it is 90% fact-finding. In a productive dialogue we talked over various aspects of further development of the sector. In many respects, I now have a better understanding what steps we should take to develop geologic exploration and the natural resources of Russia. We agreed to cooperate, to maintain close links and together prepare a report to the President and the Chairman of the Government of Russia, which will give the assessment of the sector and identify the ways of its modernization.

I could see once again that we have latest technology, science and young gifted and talented specialists who can take an active part in the development of the sector. Which means we have everything to advance at a pace to be envied.

Speaking about the Mining museum, I happen to visit museums quite often, but it is the first time I see one like this. It is overwhelming, steeped in traditions. Come to think of it, the University is 240 years and 301 days old, but here everything is in fair preservation and so you find yourself immersed in long-forgotten history. This makes you proud of Russia, the University and the sector of economy. I am endlessly grateful to the people who preserved all that. I think every student should treasure this memory and the feeling and put their hearts in keeping them alive.

Alexander Khloponin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia
Alexander Khloponin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia
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