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The National Mineral Resources University (The Mining University) provides training for research staff in 53 specializations in the form of postgraduate programs, and 11 doctoral specializations.

Rules for admission process

Eligible candidates to the postgraduate school must be citizens of the Russian Federation and have a graduate degree. (Admission to the postgraduate school for non-residents is determined by a special provision).
Admission to the postgraduate school is done on a competitive basis. It is based on interviews and entrance examinations in philosophy, foreign language and the subject which corresponds to the  candidate’s scientific field.
Preference is given to candidates who speak foreign languages and who have published research.
Postgraduate students can study full-time or part-time.
The full-time postgraduate program is a 3-year course and the part-time program runs for 4 years, with the exception of academic specialties included in the list of specialties for scientists and technical branches of the natural sciences, for which the period of graduate school study has been extended by Order № 2202 of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, dated 12.08.2011, to 4 years of full-time study and 5 years for part-time study.
Non-resident postgraduate students can live in the University dormitories (accommodation is not provided for family members).
The number of places available in the full-time and part-time postgraduate programs is determined by quotas which are set each year by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
Beyond the admission quotas to postgraduate programs, admission is possible under conditions defined by individual agreements. Tuition fees in this case can be paid both by individuals and legal entities. Tuition fees are 110,000 rubles per semester. Payments can be made in stages.
All postgraduate students, regardless of the form of study program, enjoy the privileges established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Applicants to postgraduate programs are interviewed by the possible future academic advisor. A form summarizing the results of the interview is signed by the academic advisor, the head of department and the dean of the faculty and forwarded to the department of doctoral and postgraduate studies.
Information about the timing of the filing requirements for admission to postgraduate program entrance exams in philosophy, foreign languages and specific subjects are available in the "Announcements" section on the site (under "Postgraduate and doctorate programs").
The results of Master's degree examinations in philosophy and a foreign language will count as postgraduate program admission exams if they were taken in the same year as postgraduate program admission exams.
Retaking of admission exams is not allowed.
Postgraduate program entrance exams are valid for the calendar year.

Rules for admission to doctorate programs

A PhD degree is a prerequisite for the program.
The number of doctoral candidates is determined by admission control figures annually established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
Doctorate programs are full-time.
The study period for a doctorate should last no more than three years.
Doctorate candidates’ work in the program counts as their scientific, educational and pedagogical work experience.
The decision to enroll applicants in a doctorate program is made by the respective department and University Scientific and Technical Council for Postgraduates (STCP).
Doctorate candidates retain all the rights they had in their workplace before enrolling in a doctorate program, including the right to return to their former position.
Information about the deadline for admission to doctorate studies is available in the "Announcements" section of the site (see "Postgraduate and doctorate programs").

Terms of conferring the degree of candidate of sciences on external PhD students

The external PhD program is a form of postgraduate study in which specialists work on their theses without enrolling in postgraduate programs.
Applicants to the external PhD program must have a university degree.
Applicants working on their theses are allocated to respective departments to take their qualifying exams for the Candidate’s degree.
Allocating applicants for the study for and taking of qualifying Candidate’s examinations can be carried out over a period not exceeding two years; for preparation of the Candidate's thesis, a period not exceeding three years.
Those who have not fully utilized their time as external PhD students can be allocated to departments of the University for the remaining time.
For allocation to a University Department, external PhD students must submit an application form, addressed to the Rector, and attach all the required documents. Applicants are allocated to departments during the academic year.
The Rector of the University issues an order of allocation of applicants to various departments indicating the duration of the allocation and the approval of the applicants’ advisors on the basis of applicants’ interviews with their possible future advisors and the departments’ official agreement.
When applicants are allocated to departments only for the purpose of taking qualifying candidate’s examinations, thesis advisors are not assigned.

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