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Assessment of postgraduate students ensures control during postgraduate training, implementation of students’ individual training plans and improvement of the effectiveness of postgraduate theses.

Graduate assessment is held twice a year at the end of each semester, in November - December and June, and is carried out in two stages:

  • Stage 1 - assessment of postgraduate students’ individual training plans at departmental meetings;
  • Stage 2 - assessment of postgraduate students’ work on their theses at the meetings of the Scientific and Technical Council for postgraduates (STCP).

To ensure a regular working pace while working on theses, after each time interval between assessments, postgraduates should make significant progress in the preparation of their theses.

Information about the timing of the next postgraduate assessment is available in the "Announcements" section on the website under "Postgraduate school, Doctorate."

 General requirements for postgraduate students’ assessment at departmental meetings

Assessment of postgraduates at departmental meetings is held in accordance with the approved schedule.

Postgraduate students provide a current report on their progress and meeting of targets, accompanied by the following materials:

  1. A brief abstract of thesis (general characteristics of thesis);
  2. A plan of the thesis with contents and prepared sections;
  3. Expanded annotations of completed work and thesis chapters, including the experimental and theoretical parts;
  4. A bibliography;
  5. A list of published works on the topic of the thesis;
  6. An individual training plan, completed by the end of the academic year.

As a result of the assessment process, postgraduate students should submit the documents listed above to the Postgraduate school department together with the following materials:

  • An extract from the minutes of the meeting on the report of the postgraduate student, which should reflect the following: results of the implementation of individual training plan for the given period, the status of work on the thesis received during the reporting period of scientific and practical results, shortcomings and difficulties in the preparation of the thesis, the decision of the Department of whether to continue postgraduate training and assessment or to expel a postgraduate student from the program. The extract must be signed by the chairman of the department and the department secretary. In case of expulsion, a copy of the minutes of the department meeting is sent to the department of postgraduate studies.
  • A completed assessment sheet, which reflects the results of the study plan, the status of work on the thesis, progress made since the previous assessment, recommendations for assessment or expulsion of a postgraduate student. The assessment sheet is signed by the academic advisor, head of the department and approved by the provost.

Postgraduate students who fail to meet the requirements are expelled from the postgraduate program on the order of the Rector.

Specific requirements for the assessment of full-time postgraduate students with a training period of 3 years:

First year:

  • The subject of the thesis must be approved;
  • Preliminary contents of the thesis must be compiled;
  • An overview of the literature on the subject of the thesis must be made;
  • Introductory sections of the dissertation must be completed with the characteristic of the object of research, revealing the current state of the problem covered in the thesis;
  • A program must be drawn up and a significant amount of laboratory work and pilot studies must be conducted;
  • Two qualifying exams for admission to postgraduate studies must be passed (a foreign language, history and philosophy of science).

Second year:

  • Most laboratory and experimental studies must be completed;
  • Theoretical evidence must be presented;
  • Sections of the thesis, presenting the results of experimental studies must be completed;
  • The academic originality of the research and its key concepts must be defined;
  • By the end of the second year, a postgraduate student must have two or three publications on the subject of the thesis, including the list of publications in journals approved by the State Commission of Academic Degrees and Titles (SCADT).

Third year:

  • In the first half of the third year of training, all work on the theoretical part of the thesis must be completed and the final draft of the thesis must be written and discussed at the departmental meeting, and the required number of articles published in journals approved by SCADT.
  • The student must take a qualifying exam for admission to postgraduate studies;
  • In the second half of the third year students must make an electronic copy of the thesis and undertake a preliminary review of the thesis not later than two months before the end of the program;
  • The student must present the completed thesis to the Thesis board.

After successful assessments on the departmental level, the thesis is reviewed at the meetings of the Scientific and Technical Council for postgraduates (STCP).

Information about the second stage of the assessment process can be found in section “Scientific and Technical Council for Postgraduates” in “Postgraduate and Doctorate Programs”.

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