Brief history of Council establishment of students’ research activities

Students’ research activities of the University of Mines have a long history. Since the Mining college establishment in 1773 all textbooks and manuals were composed in German and French. At that time many students mastered foreign languages therefore they were involved in scientific and technical literature translation. Students interested in science began to unite in scientific groups:

- 1898  Scientific Mining group establishment

- 1909 Metallurgical and Geological group establishment

- 1923 Oil group establishment

At that period of time there were 650 students belonging to different scientific groups. Thus, there were 230 students in the Mining group, 210 students in the Metallurgical group, 150 students in the Geological and 100 students in the Oil group in 1923. It is worth mentioning that at the same time some members of the group used to be members of the other ones. The main aims of the scientific groups activities were to present scientific reports, samples collecting, librarian collection enriching. Professors, students of the Leningrad Mining Institute as well research and manufacturing officers delivered their reports at the groups meetings. The last achievements of science and technology, applied researches in natural and technical science were topics of their reports.

В 1968 г. в Ленинградском горном институте было организовано Студенческое научное общество, ядром которого стало студенческое конструкторское бюро (СКБ).

In 1968 Students Scientific Society was organized in the Leningrad Mining Institute. Its center was students' engineering office.

In 1984 "Regulation on students' research activities" was composed in the Leningrad Mining Institute named after G.V. Plekhanov for supervising students research activities.

In 1995 the Council of students research activities (Research Council) was established by the Rector's order.

Currently students’ research activities are included in the University specialists training program.

The main purpose of students research activities of the University of Mines is to form and develop students' creative skills, improve forms of youth attraction for scientific, design, technological, creative activity to improve level of scientific and pedagogical staff training.

There are the following types of the scientific activity carried out by the Council of students’ research activities of the University of Mines:

  • supervising students who are assistants to professors;
  • organization and carrying out annual conferences for young scientists "Minerals of Russia and their development";
  • carrying out contests of students' scientific works;
  • organization of participation in All-Russian contests for the best scientific work of students;
  • organization of the subject academic competitions;
  • organization of the specialty competitions;
  • organization of participation in local and All-Russian academic competitions and contests;
  • patent and inventive activity;
  • organization of participation in the International and All-Russian forums, symposiums, conferences;
  • organization of publications of students' scientific works collections;
  • organization and carrying out the All-Russian competition of final qualification works;
  • organization and carrying out the All-Russian conference-contest for students of the final year studying;
  • organization and carrying out the International forum competition for young researchers "Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources".

Structure of the Research Council


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