The National Mineral Resources University pays great attention to the issue of supporting talented students who are actively engaged in scientific research.
Every year we select on a competitive basis the best students to go to scientific centers and leading foreign companies for work placements and practical training.

In order to support young researchers, the University has drawn up regulations for a competition for personal grants for students, postgraduates and young scientists. The competition is of a scientific nature, and has been confirmed by the Academic Senate in the form of a ‘diploma project’

  The All-Russian Symposium and Competition for graduate students from higher education establishments which train scientists in the fields of geology, oil and gas and metallurgy has been held at the University since 2003, thanks to the Mining University and Russian Education Ministry. It aims to identify and select the most talented scientists for postgraduate studentships and subsequent special training.

Every year a competition for the best scientific work in the Mining University is held, as well as an open contest for the best scientific work in Russian universities, in the section called  ‘Mining engineering. Geological and mineralogical sciences’.
‘Problems of subsoil use,’ an international forum and competition for students and young scientists, has been held since 2005.

From 31.10.2011 till 18.11.2011 the contest among the students of senior courses, the first year studying candidates for a master's degree, post graduates of the first and the second year studying is being held in the University for training and probation from 01.02.2012 till 30.06.2012 in the Mining University of Leoben, “Sandvik”, “Shtrabak”, “Binder”, “Wintershal- Basf”(Austria) companies in the following directions:

  1. Mining engineering
  2. Mining machinery and electromechanics
  3. Civil engineering works
  4. Drilling
  5. Computer-aided manufacturing
  6. Mineral processing
  7. Metallurgy

Competitive selection is done on the basis of excellent studying, innovative research, and availability of competence in languages.

If you wish to apply for information, please, contact Dean’s office.


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