Address: IFC "Miner":
46, Nalichny Street, Korpus 1, 199397, St Petersburg..


Phone: (812) 328-86-42

Office hours:
Weekdays: 18:00 - 23:00
Days off and holidays: 17:00 - 24:00

‘The Miner,’ the international friendship club (IFC) of the Mining University, was set up in order to strengthen educational ties between the university’s Russian and foreign students, to boost their interest in intercultural communication and to encourage tolerance, and to improve conditions for leisure activities in the university’s student accommodation. The club was set up at Dormitory № 3 (46 Nalichny Street) in April 2007.      
‘The Miner’ international friendship club is designed for formal activities (discussing  international political problems), for the discussion of the problems of foreigners studying in St. Petersburg. We extend invitations to government and law enforcement authorities and the migration service, hold meetings with the representatives of embassies and consulates of foreign countries, and carry out fruitful meetings, thematic lectures, evening parties, quizzes, competitions, and exhibitions, which include information about the culture and history of the world’s countries and nations.
The club’s total area is  300 m 2, and includes:

  • Halls for meeting………………….……………......2
  • Computer room…...…………….……………….....1
  • Room for table games... …………………………..1
  • Lunch room.……………………………………….....1

The club is equipped with modern equipment and inventory, soft and comfortable furniture, information stands, modern TV, video and audio equipment, computers, sports equipment, contributing to rapid adaptation to new living conditions, and to the establishment of mutual understanding and friendship between Russian and foreign students.
The club is very popular among foreign students in the universities of St. Petersburg. For example, it has become a tradition to hold an annual international event called the ‘Meeting of Cultures’, which is attended not only by Russian and foreign students of the Mining University, but also by many students from other educational institutions in St. Petersburg.
The club represented the University at the International Student Festival ‘The people of the world.’ International students meet with pupils from various schools on Vasilievsky Island as a part of the city program ‘Tolerance’, take part in St. Petersburg’s creative youth festival, ‘Friendship Bridge’, in the all-Russian Olympiad for Russian as a foreign language, which takes place at the People's Friendship University (Moscow), in the Russian language festival which is held at the Voronezh State University. Each year, teams from the ‘Miner’ club take part in the city’s sporting competitions.
In 2008, the club won first place in a competition held by the Committee on Science and Higher Education of the Government of St. Petersburg, for the best organization of international work.
In 2011 the club won the Nationalities House Diploma.
The club works under the direct supervision of the Dean's office for foreign students.  The Council of Foreign Students, the student professional committee of the Mining University and Russian youth groups take part in the club’s work. Activities organized by foreign student fraternities are conducted on the basis of requests which are made in advance and with the agreement of the management of the Mining University.
The Mining University trains foreign students from 52 countries. The highest numbers of students, at the end of 2012, were from Belarus (82 students), Mongolia (41 students), Tajikistan (32 students), Ukraine (29 students), Turkmenistan (28 students), Moldova (26 students), China (25 students), Vietnam (24 students), and Kazakhstan (23 students).

The International Friendship Club works:

Weekdays: 18:00 - 23:00
Day off and holidays: 17:00 - 24:00.
The Club control order is carried out by the attendant.

The main tasks of the club

  1. Support and promotion of student social activities, introducing students to the national traditions of peoples in the Russian Federation. 
  2. Promoting respect for the rights of other citizens on the basis of recognizing the value of each person. 
  3. Condemning and rejecting xenophobia, nationalism , racism and extremism. 
  4. Developing the principles of duty, responsibility and fairness among students. 
  5. Familiarizing students with the history, culture, traditions and customs of different countries and  peoples. 
  6. Supporting links and contacts with foreign graduates.

The club location –  Dormitory № 3 of the Mining University (Vasilievsky Island, 46 Nalichny Street)


The club’s structure

The club’s chairman, its deputies and members are selected from the most active, advanced, authoritative, and respected of the Russian and foreign students. The club’s activities are based on the principles of self-government, voluntary entry, and the equality of its members.

Plan for the International Friendship Club's work in the 2013/2014 academic year


During the four years of its existence, the ‘Miner’ International Friendship Club ( IFC ) has become widely known and popular among the foreign students of St. Petersburg. Free access to the organization and carrying out of different activities has stimulated the creative work of foreign students and postgraduates. The club consists of several rooms, well-equipped with visual information, reflecting the political, historical and cultural aspects of different countries, modern television, video and audio equipment, computers, games equipment, reference books and periodicals.
Foreign students organize and carry out celebrations devoted to national events, meetings with ambassadors and diplomats of their States, and meetings between students from different nations.
The New Year is always celebrated at ‘The Miner’. Students from Congo, Ghana and Guinea traditionally invite many guests and organize New Year parties.  The Dean for Foreign Students and the Russian Language and Literature Department organize joint competitions, quizzes and  poetry evenings for students.
The club’s energetic work could not remain unnoticed. For example, the club won first place in a city-wide competition in 2008 for the best organization of international work.

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