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A student of the Mining University, Lubov' Lukina completed a training exercise at the Higher Mining School in Ales (France) between 14/11/2013 and 20/12/2013. Its exercise was to evaluate the potential of innovative forms of education.

The exercise is an annual training course of the Higher Mining School of Ales. A team of 3-4 students develop the projecton a topic put forward by an enterprise which is either for its development or the creation of a new product. Suggested tasks are usually very important from the point of view of potential growth of sales.

The team project that the student of the Mining University took part in was focused on tracing system products for passive firefighting. They covered the regulations on the voids between rooms and floors that are created by the installation of services (cables, tubes, airways). They weaken the fire resistance of a building and must be filled with special materials such as foams, aerosols, construction solutions and mastics that have the same fire resistance as the main elements of a building.

However, during construction situations often arise when foremen save on materials and fill in voids with cheaper, poorer quality materials. This was a particular problem for the management of “Compart” (leading French producer of fire resistance materials) and the task was given to the student team to work out an engineering solution, a business plan and a tracing model platform for tracking the material properties. Lyubov Lukina’s team handled the task brilliantly, receiving excellent marks after presenting to the expert committee.

"I hope that thanks to our work the firm will be able to expand the marketing of the product, as it was clear that the management were interested in the project. In fact, that was the aim of the exercise – to contribute ideas and not just to get to know the process. We felt valued, and was incredibly motivating in itself. I am sure, I can keep this motivation for many years and add value as a young specialist for domestic enterprises.” –  said Lyubov Lukina

20.11.2013 - 20-22 November 2013 a delegation of students and postgraduate students of the Mining University took part in the International Practical Science Conference for young scientists "Actual problems of science and technology" at the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. Prize winners from the conference: for “Refining and petrochemicals. Biotechnology” student group TK – 10,V.A. Rudko and A.A. Shaydulina, (2nd place) –academic supervisor Professor N.K. Kondrasheva; for “Oil and gas exploration and production” postgraduate student from RNGM I.R. Raupov (2nd place) –academic supervisor Professor N.K. Kondrasheva.

25.11.2013 Students of the Faculty of Oil and Gas S.ALipatnikova (NG-09-1), T.V. Ronzhina (NG-09-1), P.V. Anufriev (NG-09-2), V.A.Baranovski (NB-09), A.A. Ganeev (NB-09), E.K. Roshin (NB-09); of the Faculty of Mechanics S.AGubeidulin (GM-09-1), A.U. Motorni (GM-09-2), V.S. Romanova (GM-09-2); of the Faculty of Mining V.V. Yaroshenko (TPP-10), V.V.Rais (TPR-09), G.V. Korol (TO-10) under the supervision of a postgraduate of the Department of Drilling E.V. Kozhevnilkov were referred to the Perm National Research Polytechnic University for participation in the National Student Olympiads (second round) within the National Youth Forum “Petrochemicals and Mining” from 25.11.2013 to 29.11.2013.

20.11.2013 Students of the Faculty of  Chemistry and Metallurgy M.A Lukyanova (TK-09), V.A. Rudko (TK-10), A.A Shaydulina (TK-10) under the supervision of a postgraduate of the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University for participation in the VI International Practical Science Conference "Actual problems of science and technology" from 20.11.2013 to 23.11.2013.

20.11.2013 Student from the Faculty of Geological Prospecting  , Batbileg Nyamsuran (RM-11), and from Faculty of Oil and Gas, Jivornu Kristian Kvesi (ND-11-2), under the supervision of a postgraduate of the Department of Russian Language and Literature, E.A. Kurlova, were referred to the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow) for participation in the 13th National Student Olympiad for Russian and a Foreign Language from 20.11.2013 to 23.11.2013.


13.11.2013 Students of the Energy Department Savchenko AA (ПЭ-12), The Mining Department Kutsenina O.I (ИЗС-11-1), the department of oil and gas Manuylova Y. (CT-11) were delegated to Moscow for participating in the IV Annual Forum of Young Leaders «YouLead-2013" from 13.11.2013 till 17.11.2013.

12.11.2013  – Students of the Mechanical Department Smirnov Evgeny (TЭA-09) and Uspenskiy Ilya (AХ-11) were delegated to the Blagonravov Moscow Institute of Machine Science for participating in the XXV International Innovative Conference of young scientists and students MIKMUS-2013 from 12.11.2013 till 16.11.2013.

11.11.2013 – Students of the Department of Oil and Gas Krol Maxim (TНГ-09-1), Artem Belousov (TНГ -09-1), Belopotokov Dmitry (TНГ -10-2) under the direction of associate professor of the oil and gas transport and storage department Kabanov O.V . were delegated to the Tyumen Oil and Gas University for participating in the final stage of the All Russian Olympiad in the discipline "Transport and storage of hydrocarbons" from 11.11 2013 till 16.11.2013.

10.11.2013  post graduates of the oil and gas transport and storage department Minnegulova G.S (2-nd year study ), Sadykova R.M ( 1-st year study) , Gustov D.S ( 1-st year study ) , post graduates of the geoecology department Akimenko D.O ( 3rd year study) , Golubev I.A ( 3rd year study ), post graduates of the organization and management department A.A Berezin (2nd year study) , Vladimir Naumov (2nd year study ),  post graduates of the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields department Roschin P.V ( 3rd year study ), students of Oil and Gas Department Kuznetsov A.N ( НГ- 09-1 ) , K.R Aitova ( TНГ- 09-2 ), under the direction of assistant lecturer of the oil and gas transport and storage department Lubin E.A  were delegated to the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas for participating in the 5th International Scientific Conference "Oil and Gas Horizons " from 10.11.2013 till 14.11.2013 .

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