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Doctor of Technical Sciences
KAZANIN Oleg Ivanovich
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Dean's Office
Department of Industrial Safety
Department of Geoecology
Department of Mining Engineering
Department of Blasting Operations

Historical overview

The training of mining engineers has been done since the date of Mining Institution foundation (Mining specialized school, Mining Cadet corps) - 1773.

The first graduation of mining multidiscipline engineers from the Mining specialized school was in 1776. In 1886 among 9 established academic departments there was the department of Mining and Surveying and in 1879 there was established a separate course of Mining work.

The Faculty of Mines as a separate department of the University was founded in 1905. The training of mining engineers was performed by prominent mining experts: Professor B.I. Boky and Academician A.A. Skochinsky. At the beginning of the century the course of Mining work was divided in two: 1) opening, development systems and mining; 2) sinking operations, lining, haulage, ventilation, lighting, rescue operations, treatment of underground fire and methane explosion. From a unique mining-operational specialty there formed new ones: mineral deposit development, mineral processing, gold-platinum and oil processing.

In 1929 there were opened three majors at the faculty: stratified deposit mining, ore, gold and platinum ore mining. By the end of 40-s the faculty had four departments: stratified deposit mining, ore mining, drilling and blasting operations, mine ventilation and safety. In 1971 new department of open pit mining was established.

The faculty structure, number of departments and their names were changed from time to time due to opening of new qualifications, development of separate research teams. In 2004 there was established as a separate entity the department of Geoecology and in 2011 the department of Industrial safety and rock destruction was divided into department of Industrial safety and department of Blasting engineering.

Throughout the history of the faculty it was headed by the following deans:

  • Academician A.A. Skochinsky,
  • Professor E.N. Barbot-de-Marnie,
  • Associate professor N.I. Arkhipovich,
  • Professors O.B. Boky, P.I. Gorodetsky,
  • Associate professor A.M. Alyamsky,
  • Professors G.M. Golovin, P.I. Mustel, D.F. Borisov, A.A. Borisov,
  • Associate professors K.A. Shvanev, Y.I. Panenkov,
  • Professor N.M. Proskuryakov,
  • Professor Y.V. Shuvalov.
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