Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation

Protosenya Anatoliy Grigorievich

Tel: (812) 328-82-25
Room: 2314

Е-mail: d-fopp@spmi.ru


Dean's Office
Study Groups
Department of Engineering Geodesy
Department of Mine Surveying
Department of Mechanics
Department of Constructing Mining Enterprises and Underground Structures

Brief Historical Overview

The Faculty of Construction was founded in 2012 as a result of the renaming of the Faculty of Underground Space Development. The latter was founded in 1995 when the Faculty of Mine Surveying and the Faculty of Mine Construction were amalgamated.
In 1773, when the Mining College was founded, there were 7 classes; one of them was called the Class of Surveying Craft.
As a separate university division, the Faculty of Mine Surveying was founded in 1933. Before that there was the Faculty of Geophysics & Surveying. Its first dean and later the first dean of the Faculty of Mine Surveying was Professor Ivan M. Bakhurin, a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Thereafter, in 1940-1957, Professor Mikhail P. Pyatlin was dean of the faculty; Professor I. N. Ushakov was dean in 1957-1969, Professor N. I. Stenin in 1969-1990, and Associate Professor S. P. Pavlov in 1990-1995.
The Faculty of Mine Construction was founded in 1948 by Professor Boris V. Bokiy, who was its first dean. He later became Pro-rector for Research at the Mining Institute. Thereafter, in 1957-1960, Professor V. N. Semevskiy was dean of the faculty, followed by Associate Professor A. A. Andreev in 1960-1964, Professor B. B. Yevangulov in 1964-1965, Associate Professor I. M. Bratus in 1967-1972, Associate Professor O. V. Timofeev in 1972-1977, Professor V. V. Smirnyakov in 1977-1989, Professor Y. N. Ogorodnikov in 1965-1967 and in 1989-1994, Professor V. L. Trushko in 1994–1997, and Professor L. K. Gorshkov in 1997–2001. Since 2001 Professor A. G. Protosenya has been head of the faculty. He is an Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and also the head of the Department of Construction of Mining Enterprises and Underground Structures.

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