Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

MAKSAROV Viacheslav Viktorovich

Tel: 328-82-15

e-mail: mf@spmi.ru

Dean's Office
Study Groups
Department of Automobiles and Transport Technological Complexes
Department of Logistics and Traffic Safety
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mining Transport Machines

Department of Instrument Engineering
Department of Metrology and Quality Management
Department of Materials and Technology of Artworks Manufacturing


“Those who study mechanics should know not only theoretical laws but must be able to understand how to make, put together, and join parts of a machine, because even the best machine is useless if the parts are poorly assembled …”

(First Charter of the School of Mines, 28 June 1774))

Historical overview

The Mining and Electrical Engineering Faculty was founded at the Institute of Mines in 1919 to train engineers for manufacturing mining machinery and equipment for processing and mining plants and factories. The first dean of the Faculty was Konstantin Vladimirov (1919-1924). He was a mechanical engineer and Actual Civil Counselor; full professor of the Applied Mechanics Department of the Mining Institute named after Catherine the Great, president of the Riga Polytechnic Society and the St Petersburg Polytechnic Society, and a permanent member of the Mechanics department of the Russian Engineering Society. Afterwards, at different times, the following people headed the faculty: Sergey Kiselyov, mining mechanics engineer; Professor Anatoliy Churaev, electrical engineer; Professor Anatoliy Risev, mining engineer of the First Rank, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Professor Sviatoslav Altartsev, mining electrical engineer, Doctor of engineering Sciences; Associate Professor Nikolay Smirnov, mining electrical engineer of the Second Rank, Candidate of Engineering Science; Associate Professor Nikolay Alekseev, mining  electrical engineer of the First Rank; Professor Sergey Smorodin, mining electrical engineer, Doctor of engineering Sciences; Professor Valentin Bersenev, Mining Mechanics Engineer, Doctor of engineering Sciences; Professor Boris Makhovikov, mining mechanics engineer, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor Aleksander Solovyov, mining electrical engineer, Candidate of Engineering Science; Professor Igor Timofeev, mining mechanics engineer, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Sergey Ivanov, mining mechanics engineer, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Professor Vladimir Zubov, process control engineer, Doctor of Engineering Sciences.
In 2011 the Northwest State Technical University was integrated into the National Mineral Resources University.
In accordance with the Rector’s Act №372, dated 16 April 2012, stating the reorganization of the Faculties, the Mining Electrical Engineering Faculty was closed and two new Faculties were established on the basis of the faculty, Faculty of Mechanics and Faculty of Energy. The departments of the former faculty have been integrated into both faculties infrastructure.

The number of faculty members is currently 108 people including:

  • Professors, Doctors of Science– 29 people;
  • Associate Professors,
  • Candidates of science – 60 people;
  • Candidates of Science,
  • lecturers – 8,
  • senior lecturers – 11.

Faculty structure

The faculty consists of seven departments:

  • Department of automobiles and Transport Technological Complexes.
    Tel. 328 8209
  • Department of Mining Transport Machines
    Tel. 328 8220
  • Department of Materials and Technology of Artworks Manufacture
    Tel. 328 8937
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Tel. 328 8936
  • Department of Metrology and Quality Management
    Tel. 328 8938
  • Department of Logistics and Traffic Safety
    Tel. 328 8939
  • Department of Instrument Engineering
    Tel. 328 8539

Departmental classrooms are equipped with personal computers, specialized instruments and advanced laboratory tools used for both teaching and scientific purposes. To support the study process, we also use the laboratories of the Research Center for Rock Mechanics and Mining Problems.

Study areas (Academic programs)

The faculty offers academic programs for engineer’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the specialty 130400: Mining, which has two specialized fields:

  • Mining machines and tools
  • Transport Systems in Mining

Graduates of this profile can be employed as mechanic engineers and top managers at any society dealing with designing, operating, major repairing or maintenance of machines, devices and tools: the fuel and energy industry, the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries, processing plants, machinery factories, design and engineering groups, research and development institutes and research centers, private firms and big companies.

The engineering degree takes five and a half years. Graduates qualify as ‘specialists’ and as such are in great demand both in Russian and international labor markets.

The bachelor’s degree includes the following specializations:

  • 150100 Materials science and materials technology
  • 150700 Mechanical Engineering
  • 190600 Transport Technological Systems and Machine Operating
  • 190700 Transport process technology
  • 200100 Instrument Engineering
  • 221700 Standardization and Metrology
  • 261400 Technology of Artworks Manufacture

The bachelor’s programs last four years. Graduates receive a bachelor’s degree in mechanics and technology.
The master’s profile includes the following specializations:

  • 151000 Production machines and tools
  • 200100 Instrument engineering

The master’s programs last six years. Graduates receive a bachelor’s degree in mechanics and technology.

The curriculum includes theory, practice and research components. Lectures, practical courses and laboratory experiments are given by professionals with support of advanced laboratory tools and instruments. Students have access to the information resources of the University. The school offers many opportunities for students to take part in sports and to develop their creativity. From the second year onwards, students gain the status of assistant to professor in order to carry out targeted research activities under the supervision of one of the Faculty’s professors. Russian and international annual meetings and competitions for students are held at the University. Students who speak foreign languages can participate in competitions for traineeships at universities in Europe or the United States. 

Scientifically-minded students continue their study as postgraduates.

Students can go on traineeships and practical training placements at mining and metallurgy companies in Norilsk, Monchegorsk, Pikalevo, Volkhov, in oil and gas companies such as Mezhregiongas  and Nefteorgsyntez, and at design and engineering centers in St Petersburg  and industry players of the Northwest region of the Russian Federation (Apatit, Kirovsk, Vorkuta, Olenegorsk, Kostomuksha); and also at major mines and coal strip mines at the mining companies Raspadskaya Coal Company, SUEK, SDS-Ugol and others.

Programs for continuing education and professional retraining

Teaching programs for professional development are created in accordance with the requests of the client companies. After completing their course, students are given a State Standard Certificate for participants in professional development courses. Different departments of the Faculty offer programs of continuing education for subjects as below:

  • Advanced machines, tools and complexes of the mining industry. 
  • Improved performance of mining machines and tools and improved maintenance operations.
  • Putting conveyor hoisters into deep open pits operations.
  • Selection of sizes and provisions for self-moving pneumatic machinery with a complex structure.
  • Economic indices of vehicle performance.
  • Motor vehicles used in mining activities, tool selection, equipment reliability and maintenance.
  • Mine pump stations and fan systems.
  • Advanced mechanical equipment and mechanisms of conveyor transport used for the improvement of the efficiency of conveyor operating in mining and metallurgy
  • Mine hoists

The faculty supports the ‘Energy efficiency’ training center, which offers the following continuing education courses:

  • Inspecting energy systems to improve energy efficiency
  • Energy efficiency of companies in the mineral resources complex

State certificates of attendance of advanced professional courses are given to trainees in the short-term and mid-term courses of 72-100 hours. The course combines full-time and distant e-learning methods. The head of the training center Energy Efficiency is associate professor Zhukovskiy Yu.L. (Tel. 328 8667).

Research fields

Research work is carried out according to the scientific approach of the R&D team which works on Machines, Mechanisms and Power supply of mining operations supervised by Professor Koziyaruk A.E.

Main fields of research activities:

  • Scientific evidence and development of environmentally friendly technologies for mining and primary processing industries.
  • Theoretic of design and operating of transport systems for open-pit mines and underground operations.
  • Electrical systems and complexes for extracting, processing and transferring mineral raw materials.

Faculty members have published 11 monographs, 350 scientific articles and have received 253 patents for inventions over the last five years.

Candidates and Doctors of Science Training

Doctoral studies cover three areas:

  • 05.02.08 – Machinery manufacturing procedures
  • 05.05.06 – Mining Machines
  • 05.11.13 – Tools and methods for monitoring environment, substances, materials and products
  • 05.16.01 – Metals and thermal treating of metals
  • 05.22.10 – Operation of Motor Vehicles

The University thesis committee (D 212.224.07.) considers and evaluates doctoral theses and graduation dissertations. The president of the committee is Professor Koziyaruk Anatoliy, while the scientific secretary is Fokin Andrey, Candidate of Engineering Science, Tel. 328 8485

Business Partners

The faculty maintains contacts with colleagues from universities, research centers and industrial companies. In the framework of international cooperation, the faculty holds exchanges between students and teachers, and scientific meetings are held. Faculty members actively carry out projects on scientific evidence of innovative activities on the request of the client companies.

International Partners:

  • Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany)
  • Belaruskaliy
  • Mining and Geology University of Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Vietnam Coal Corporation (Vinacoal)
  • National Technical University of Belarus
  • Krakow Academy of Mining and Metallurgy (Poland)
  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (US)
  • the Leoben University of Mining and Metallurgy (Austria),
  • Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)
  • École des Mines de Paris (France)
  • University of Mining in Suzhou (China)
  • Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine)

Russian Universities, Design and Engineering Institutions and Scientific Centers:

  • Moscow National Mining University
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • Gyproruda Institute 
  • Mekhanobr Engineering
  • Ural National University of Mining
  • Tula National University
  • Ukhta State Technical University
  • Kuzbass National Technical University
  • Siberian National University of Industry
  • The A. A. Skochinsky Institute of Mining
  • Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources (IPKON)
  • Komi Research Center of the Urals branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute for Coal of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute for Coal Chemistry and Material Sciences of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCMS SB RAS)
  • Russian research and development Institute of mineral-salt production

Companies dealing with mineral resources sector:

  • Karelokatish
  • Lenenergo
  • IZ-Karteks
  • Silvinit
  • Baltiyskiy Shelf
  • Silovie mashiny with Electrosila (branch)
  • Pechenganikel
  • Suek
  • Severstal-resurs
  • SDS-Ugol
  • Belaruskaliy
  • MetallGroup Yakovlevskiy Mine
  • Norilsk Nickel
  • Raspadskaya Coal Company
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