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SERGEEV Igor Borisovich

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Brief historic overview

The study of the economic subjects at the University of Mines started from establishment of Statute on the Institution of the Mining Engineers on the 1st of January of 1834. According to this document among the compulsory subjects there were mining legislation and documentation and accounting. Pursuant to the articles of the university since 1866 the curriculum included the course of political economy. On 18th of March of 1896 the list of academic subjects included mining statistics and accounting.

The researches and teaching of economic subjects was done by technological department of the university for a very long time. In 1888 E.E. Feldgauzen issued a work “Standard plant financial reporting” in which he describes the first attempt to introduce calculation methods developed in the system of standard costing based on the example of metallurgic plant.

The great credit of mining economy development belongs to Professor B.I. Bokiya (1873-1927), the head of Mining Science department, a founder of the analytical method in mining enterprises design. In his spacious work on “Analytical course of mining art” (1924) he stated that: “Mining art belongs to the economic subjects.”

In 1929 the first separate department of the Mining Institute specialized in teaching economic subjects became the department of Political Economy and Mining Economy headed by M.A. Altshuller up to 1938.

In 1934 there was established the department of Economics and Mining industry management, Associate professor E.L. Gorokhovsky was elected the head of the department. It conducted active tutorial activities; in 1936 the department staff published the first Russian teaching aid “Economic of Mining Industry” (M.: ONTI, 1936), which played great role in the geologist and metallurgic expert training in all educational institutions of Russia.

In 1939 the Mining Construction Faculty enrolled first students to be trained for a new major of “Economics and management of mining industry”. Due to the Second World War the graduation of first mining engineers-economists was only in 1948.

The teaching capacity of the department staff throughout the history of the department was represented by such prominent scientists and specialists as M.A. Altshuller, B.B. Evangulov, S.F. Belov, E.A. Sale, A.I. Morozov, M.V. Mordukhovich, V.P. Mokrousov, A.A. Andreev, P.A. Kondrashev, E.A. Danilevich, I.B. Litvin, A.A. Misnik and others. From 1955 to 1973 for more than 25 years the head of the department was Professor O.B. Bokiy, under his supervision there were written and defended more than 30 thesis papers and carried out important researches in the field of enhancement of the efficiency of mining and metallurgic enterprises of the Northern part of Russia, and written textbooks and teaching materials on main subjects. In 1973-1976 the department was headed by Professor A.I. Morozov, author of many research papers and teaching materials on work management and standardizing at the mining enterprises, they are still relevant under the conditions of market economy.

In 1965 for implementation of decisions for strengthening economic training of mining engineers there was established the Engineering-Economic Faculty, it was the first faculty of this kind at the mining-geological universities of Russia. It included the following departments: Political Economy, Economics and Mining Industry Organization, Numerical Mathematics and Calculating Machines, and ACS of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises. Along with foundation of the Faculty for the first time in Russia they started expert training of mining engineers-economists for geological survey. Since 1988 they started training specialists in “Accounting, analysis and audit” and since 1998 – “Management”.

In 1995 the Engineering-Economic Faculty was renamed into Faculty of Economics. The departments of this faculty trained more than 2000 engineers-economists, managers and accountants currently working at the different regions of Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries. The graduates work in different mining industries, at exploration firms, financial and commercial structures, R&D and Design institutions, and State agencies.

The faculty is proud of the following prominent teachers and scientists: A.A. Voznesensky, M.A. Altshuller, O.B. Bokiy, B.B. Evangulov, L.E. Kamenetsky, A.I. Morozov, M.V. Mordukhovich, Y.V. Yakovets, M.A. Shvarts, Y.M. Arskiy, E.A. Solovieva, N.V. Pashkevich, N.Y. Lobanov, G.A. Golovanov, V.A. Fedoseev.

Deans of Faculty of Economics:

1965 - 1969 – Evangulov Boris Bogdasarovich, Professor, Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences, laureate of USSR State prize, Honored Geologist of RSFSR
1969 - 1976 – Mokrousov Viktor Petrovich, Associate professor, Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences
1976 - 1994 – Pashkevich Natalia Vladimirovna, Professor, Doctor of Economic Science, Head of Economics and Organization of Geological Exploration department (Economics, Accounting and Audit), Academician of RANC and IAEMNPS, Honored worker of Higher Education
1994 – 2010 – Iseeva Lidiya Ivanovna, Associate professor, Candidate of Economic Science, Honored worker of Higher Education
2010 – till present – Sergeev Igor Borisovich, Professor, Doctor of Economic Science


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