Associate Professor,
Candidate of Technical Sciences

Makhovikov Aleksey Borisovich

Tel : (812)328-90-14 extension 1014

Study Center No.2

Room No. 1224

e-mail: ffigd@spmi.ru

Dean’s Office
Department of Higher Mathematics
Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Informatics and Computer Technology
Department of History
Department of Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics
Department of General and Applied Physics

Department of Russian Language and Literature
Department of Sociology and Psychology
Department of Physical Education
Department of Philosophy

Brief Historical Overview

The Faculty of Fundamentals and Humanities was established in 1995 by the decision of the Academic Council of the University, and is an educational, scientific and administrative faculty combining departments that teach humanities, mathematics and sciences, and physical education.

Fundamentals and humanities have been taught at the Mining University since the first days of its foundation in 1773. As shown in the first charters, statutes and curricula in the late 18th century, Mining College pupils were taught mathematics, general and technical physics, general and physical chemistry, three foreign languages ( French, German and English) and the humanities: logic (as part of philosophy) and rhetoric. Theology was also taught, being a compulsory subject throughout the history of the university until 1917.

In the 20th century, despite the Revolution and the trials of the post-revolutionary years that the city and the country faced, the university maintained a high level of teaching of fundamentals and humanities subjects.

At the beginning of the 21st century, faculty departments try to address the problem of preserving traditions, and also work hard to improve teaching methods and research activities designed to meet the requirements of the time, and to meet the new conditions and challenges faced by the University.

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