Head of department “Center of Continuing Professional Education”
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

BLINOV Aleksey Mikhailovich

Tel. number +7-(812)-328-82-42

CPE-center, Federal government budgetary institution of higher education «The National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines), room. 6401, 21-th line, 2, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, 199106, Russia.

Center of Continuing Professional Education (CPE-center) was formed by the order №58 of the Rector of Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) in 2010 under the program “National Research University” and Russian Federation law. It is based on the pre-existing “Center of personal retraining and professional development”(est. 1993), “Department of professional development for qualified staff and specialists”(est. 1968) and “Training courses for specialists in mining and explosive works”(est. 1956).

CPE-center carries out its activities in accordance with the Federal Law of 29.12.2012 №273 “Education Act in Russian Federation”, University charter and Statute of CPE-center approved by the Academic Council Decision 01.2010 (Report of Proceeding № 1) revised in 2012.

All developing programs in CPE-center are created on the basis of cooperation with industrial partners. All programs meet the requirements as below:

  • Course term is at least 72 hours;
  • 90% of time is lectures and lab work at the University;
  • Some lab work demand special engineering centers of University and Center of sophisticated equipments;
  • All lectures are given by professional teachers;
  • Course subjects correspond with the Russian domestic priorities.


Geography of cooperation

The next step of the education is the internships on the base of the University of Mines or on the base of international partners.


The list of companies collaborating with the center of continuing professional education and sending their staff members for training and professional development.


The result of the education is a modern specialist who is able to orient at the vast flow of incoming information and to solve complex industrial problems.


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