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Department of Geoecology

Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences:
Pashkevitch Maria Anatolievna.

Postal address 199026,
Saint Petersburg, ,21st Line, h. 2.

Tel: (812) 328-86-28,
(812) 328-82-96


Department includes 14 members,
among them:
9 associate professors,
4 assistant lecturers.

History of the Department

The National Miner Resources University was the first University in Russia which started environmental training of the engineering staff of all specialties in 1978. In the same year the Department of Engineering Ecology was established. It  became the prototype of the Department of Geoecology.
During the years of its existence, the Department has undergone some changes and reorganizations in compliance with the goals, and made a significant contribution to the development of training and retraining of engineers-ecologists. Simultaneously with the Department of Geoecology, the Faculty of Retraining of Engi-neering Staff in the field of “Ecology and efficient use of natural resources in exploration, extraction and pro-cessing” was created.
In 1991 the University started training of the engineering staff of the specialty “Thermoplastic, automa-tion and ecology of industrial furnaces” for the needs of the metallurgical industry. In this regard, the Depart-ment of Environmental Engineering was transformed into the section of the Department of Engineering Ecolo-gy and Metallurgy of Heavy Metals.
In 1995 the University started preparation of engineers on a new specialty 280202 “Engineering Envi-ronment Protection” for the mining-metallurgical industry, and the Department was again converted by merge with the Department of Mine Ventilation and Labor Safety in the Department of Ecology, Aerology and Labor Safety.
By 2004 considerable experience in the training of engineers-ecologists was accumulated. Scientific base and qualified personnel structure were created and the scope of the environmental training was expanded. In this connection the Department of Geoecology was allocated as independent.

General characteristics

List of specialties:

  • Preparation of engineers on a specialty 280202 “Engineering Environment Protection”.
  • Preparation of bachelors and masters on a specialty 280200 “Environment Protection”.
  • Preparation of post-graduate students on a specialty 25.00.36 “Geo-ecology”.
  • Environmental training of all specialties of the University. 

Research areas of the Department:

  • Geochemistry of technogenic deposits;
  • Ecologically pure technologies of extraction and processing of mineral resources;
  • Utilization of industrial wastes, containing heavy and nonferrous metals;
  • Rational methods of utilization of liquid and toxic wastes;
  • Utilization of waste of coal and lumber industry;
  • Assessment of the impact of industrial enterprises on ecosystems;
  • Forecasting of water quality in the zone of the industrial enterprises;
  • Monitoring of ecosystems;
  • Ecological problems of metallurgical production;
  • Development of measures to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the basis of the analysis and management of environmental risks.
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