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Department of Mining Engineering

Head of Department
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences:
Zubov Vladimir Pavlovich

Address: 199026,
21 Line, h.2.

(812) 328-8634.


Department includes 25 members,
among them:
7 professors,
11 associate professors,
1 senior lecturer,
6 assistant lecturers.


Department of Mining Engineering is one of the oldest in the University. History of this department began with the discipline of  Mining Art, entered in 1773 in number of 12 main special subjects in the preparation of basic curriculum of the first higher technical educational institution of Russia - the Mining University. Since the foundation the department consistently carried names: Department of mining art (1832 - 1865), Department of mining and surveying art (1866-1899), Department of mining (1930-1934), Department of bedded deposits mining (1934-1998), Department of underground mining (1998-2004), Department of mineral deposits mining (2004-present).

Heads of the department during the various periods of its formation and mining were: Professor G.D. Romanovsky, Professor B. I. Boky, Professor A.M. Terpigorev, Professor V.D. Slesarev, Professor A.A. Borisov, and Professor N.M. Proskuryakov. From 1994 the Department of mining of mineral deposits is headed by Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science, V.P. Zubov.

Only in the last 50 years, more than 6200 mining engineers have graduated the Department. They successfully worked and work not only in Russian but also in foreign mining enterprises more than in 14 countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, China, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Germany, Colombia, Laos, Guinea, Congo, Cuba and others. Graduates of the Department  were N.K Grinko (1952) - Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science, the first Deputy Minister of  Minugleprom of the USSR, the minister of Minugleprom of Ukraine; K.M. Makhkamov (1953) - the first President of the Republic of Tajikistan; B. G. Tarasov (1955) –  Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science, the rector of  Ivano-Frankovsk Institute of Oil and Gas; R.S. Permyakov (1955) - Professor, Doctor of  Engineering Science, the Director of the Institute of  VNIIGalurgiya, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of fertilizers of the USSR; G. B. Frayman (1958) – the Director General of JSC Leningradslanets; H.H. Ligotsky (1963) - the chief of the 458th combine of nonmetallic minerals; Punsalmaagiyn Ochirbat (1965) - the first President of Mongolia; A.D.Smychnik (1971) – Professor, Doctor of  Engineering Science, the Director General of  the Institute Belgorkhimprom; Yu.A. Shirmankin (1985) - the first Vice-President of LLC Alfa-Eko; Nils Sharfenberg (1989) - the head of representative office in Russia MAN TAKRAF Ferdertekhnik Gmbh, A.P. Veselov (1984) – the Director General of Arktikugol Trust.

Specializations of engineering training

Currently the Department carries out preparation of mining engineers in the following specializations of the mining direction 130400:

  • Underground mining of bedded deposits.
  • Underground mining of ore deposits.
  • Open pit mining.

Term of training - 5,5 years.

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