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Department of Logistics and Traffic Safety

Head of Department:
Alekseev Vladimir Alekseevich

Address: 2, 21st Line, St Petersburg 199106, Russia.

Теl: (812) 328-89-39
extension 1939


The Department consists
of 16 members:
1 professors,
10 associate professors,
and 5 senior lecturers.

History of the Department

Training of specialists in the motor transport field began in the Central Industrial Extramural Technical Higher Educational Institution in 1948 (from 1957 the Northwest Technical Institute).

In 1990, following requests from Motor Vehicles Departments from different regions of Russia and on the initiative of the Head of the Department of Automobile Transport and Candidate of Technical Sciences Professor V.S. Sokolov (Head of Department 1979-1996) a new academic specialization, 240100 Transportation Organization and Vehicle Control (Automobile Transport), currently specialization 190701.65, was introduced at the institute. Due to the valuable contribution of Professor V.S. Sokolov, the first State Educational Standard of this specialization was developed and work on creating methodological support was started.

In 2007, in order to improve the Northwest State Technical University, the rector took the decision to split up the Department of Automobile Transport into the Department of Motor Vehicles and Vehicle Fleet and the Department of Transportation Organization.

In 2008, by Order № 29, dated 31.01.08, at the Institute of Automobile Transport, the Management and Traffic Safety Department was organized.

In 2012 due to the merger of the two universities the two departments were united and a new department formed under the name Transportation Organization and Traffic Safety. The Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associate Professor Alekseev Vladimir Alekseevich was elected as Head of the Department.

The Department trains specialists according to the following modes of study: intramural, extra-mural and on-site and off-site study  in the academic specializations 190701.65 (240100) Transportation Organization and Vehicle Control, with the specialist fields of transportation organization, vehicle control, and international transportation, with the final qualification of Engineer in the Organization and Management of Transport; 190702.65 (240400) Organization and Traffic safety (automobile transport), specialist fields – investigation and expert examination of road traffic accidents, traffic management, traffic safety service within automobile transport, the qualification – Engineer in the Organization and Management of Transport.

The Department trains specialists in the specializations 190601.65(150200), Motor Vehicles and Vehicle Fleet, 080502.65(060813), Economics and Company Management (automobile transport), and 080506.65, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The main and top priority activity areas of the Transportation Organization and Traffic Safety Department are direction and participation in scientific and methodological research, improving laboratory facilities, preparation and publication of course materials.

The high level of qualifications of the department staff is shown by the large number of research and methodological papers and patent certificates for invention produced.

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