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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head of department: Professor Maksarov Viacheslav Viktorovich

Tel. 328 8936, extension 1936
Room 6205


Reception and consultation hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 16-00-8-00

The Department
has 34 members:
9 professors,
21 associate professors
and 4 assistant lecturers.

Brief historical overview

The mechanical engineering department was founded on 16.04.12 by Order #371 of the Mining University, which combined the departments of Design of mining machinery and mechanic engineering technology and Mechanical engineering after the merger of St Petersburg Mining University and the Northwest State Technical University in September 2011 (Ministerial Order #2305, 16.09.11).

A number of prominent professors have worked at the Design of mining machinery and Metal technology department of the Mining University since 1866. They include: Time I.A, Olyshev P.I., Kondratiev A.P., Voislav S.G., academician German A.P., Professors Obolduev T.A., Glazov G.A., Skobnikov K.M., Grachev N.P.

In 1975 the departments of Design of mining machinery and Metal technology and Mining machinery manufacturing were combined into one, the new Design of mining machinery and Mechanic engineering technology department. The department was then headed by Professors Kolomiytsev M.D., Timofeev I.P. and Gabov V.V.

The department of Mechanic engineering technology of the Northwest State Technical University was one of the first departments founded after the establishment of the Central Distance Learning Mechanical Technical College, which was founded in 23.08.1930. The department was headed by the First Rector of the Institute, Professor Levitsky P.P. During the department’s lifetime, some prominent scientists in the sphere of mechanic engineering worked in and headed it: Professor Sokolovsky A.P., Kucher I.M., Bogoroditsky N.N., Mutsyanko V.I., Ostrovsky V.I., Filimonov A.D., Ginzbirg L.B., Vitenberg Y.R., Borodyansky V.I. and Klevtsov V.A.

The department offers students the following academic specialties:

  • 150402 Mining machinery and equipment
  • 150404 Metallurgical machinery and equipment
  • 130400 Mining, specialization in Mining machinery and equipment
  • 151001 Mechanic engineering technology

and the following degrees:

  • 151000 Technological machines and equipment
    Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees:
    • metallurgical machinery and equipment;
    • oil and gas processing equipment;
    • technological machinery and equipment for turf development;
    • technical processes in mechanic engineering.

students of the following degrees:

  • 150700 Mechanic engineering
    Bachelor’s degree:
    • Technologies, equipment and automation of machinery productions
  • Master’s degree:
    • Technology of automated mechanic engineering.

Our graduates work at and are in demand at companies such as Izhorskie zavody, Korteks, Silovye machiny, Elektrosila, Onezhsky traktorny zavod, Prodmash, Velikoluksky mashinostroitelny zavod, the car manufacturers Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, etc.

These are our main scientific fields of research:

  • Creation of machinery and equipment systems adapted to heavy hydrogeological and weather conditions for turf development and small-scale power generation;
  • Technical support for development of energotechnological clusters on the basis of local fuel resources;
  • Creation of energy efficient impactors on the basis of intensification of the impact momentum delivery;
  • Diagnosis of the intensity of dissipative processes at the manual transmissions and boosting its durability by optimization of catching gears geometry parameters in mining machinery and by improving the lubrication system and maintenance service of complex units;
  • Dynamics of technological systems of mechanical processing, automation and control of technological processes, high-speed fine turning operation.

The department has its own computer classroom for 15 students, an interactive classroom for programming and development of control programs for modern CNC systems and laboratories for examination and research activities of metal cutting processes used in creation of technological machinery and equipment in mining, metallurgy, oil and gas processing industries. All working places are equipped with such software as Compas, Autocad, ADEM, LabView.

In order to address key academic and scientific issues, the department works closely with the relevant departments at various universities including Moscow State University, St Petersburg Polytechnic University, Moscow Stankin State Technological University, Moscow Higher Technical College, Kuzbass Polytechnic University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Volgograd Technical University, Estonian University of Life Sciences (Tartu) and others.

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