Department of Mining Transport Machines | Горный Университет

Department of Mining Transport Machines

Head of Department:
prof. Aleksandrov Viktor Ivanovich

Tel. 328 8293 extension 1293


Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:30 – 17:15,
Friday 08:30 – 16:15.

The Department
has 10 members:
3 professors,
5 associate professors
and 2 assistant lecturers.

Historical overview

The department was established in 1938 on an order No.33/618 by Heavy industry Comissariat Main Directorate of educational institutions dated 26 August, 1938 about nomenclature of special mining departments of Leningrad mining institute and it was called “Mining transport department”. The department was established on the base of division of mining mechanization department of mining electromechanical faculty into two departments - ” Mining machines” and “Mine transport”. The latter was then re-named into “Mining transport machines” department. The establisher and first head of the department was a famous specialist in mining –Prof. Vladimir Ivanovich Gerotiev.

 The main fields of research of honored scientist and technician Professor V.I.Gerontiev were mechanization of stope stowing (monography “Methods of stope stowing (1984)” and hydromechanization of mining operations. His textbook “Mine transport” written with co-author N.T.Karelin was issued twice (in 1957, 1962). V.I.Geroniev established one of the leading schools of mining mechanical engineers.



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