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Department of Instrument Engineering

Head of Department:
prof. Potapov Anatoliy Ivanovich

Tel: 328 8539 extension 1249


Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:30 – 17:15,
Friday 08:30 – 16:15.

The Department
has 23 members:
6 professors,
11 associate professors
and 6 senior lecturers.

Name of the department, brief historic overview, main information

  • Instrument engineering department
  • History
    • 1959 – Department of Instruments of accurate mechanics and optics was established in Northern Western Part-Time Polytechnic University as a request from large Leningrad enterprises.
    • 1960-s – It took part in several large-scale projects:
      • A unique telescope with 6 m diameter mirror (observatory in Zelenchuk);
      • Instrumentation of crossline screens production technology;
      • Metrological provision of Suramsky railway tunnel reconstruction;
      • Creation of competitive clock works;
      • Development of unique measuring instruments of linear dimensions.
    • 1985 – Department became the leader in the country in creation of methods and means of non-destructive nonmetal product quality testing. In accordance with the Order of RSFSR Goskomvuz the department was appointed as a parent in Coordination Council “Non-destructive physical methods and means of testing” in the area of “Optic, radio-wave and heat balance methods of non-destructive testing”, the department also headed the same section in ASSUSR Academic board “Non-destructive physical methods of testing”.
    • 1989 – Laboratory of systematic research of environment of North West of RSFSR was established at the basis of the department by the Decree of Council of Ministers of RSFSR.
    • 2012 – Department of testing instruments and systems of ecological safety of NWTU was reorganized into the department of Instrument engineering as a merge process with National Mineral Resources University.

Room number 1205, 1208, 1022.
Mon-Thu: 8:30 – 17:15, Fri: 8:30 – 16:15.
Department tel. 328-85-39, int. tel. 15-39
Head of Department 328-85-34, int. tel. 15-34
Laboratory (fax) 328-85-48, int. tel. 15-48

List of Majors and qualifications

  • Major 200100 "Instrument engineering" – Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
    Qualification: «Instruments and methods of quality and diagnostics testing»,
    «Instruments and systems of mining and technical supervision and testing»
    Major 200101 "Instrument engineering" – specialists.
    Qualifications: “Instruments and systems of customs export and import control”, “Instruments and systems of quality testing in construction’,
    “Monitoring and metering instruments and systems”

The training of candidates of technical science is done for the following specialties 05.02.11 - Methods of testing and diagnostics in mechanic engineering, 05.11.13 – Instruments and methods of environment, substances, materials and products testing, 05.13.06 – Automation and management of technological processes and productions (industry), 25.00.36 – Geo-ecology.

  • Main scientific activities
    • Instruments and methods of environment, substances, materials and products testing

Scientific supervisor: Potapov Anatoliy Ivanovich - Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science, RF Honored Scientist, Laureate of the state prize of RF, Winner of RF Government prize, Active member of RANS, Active member of StP Engineering Academy, Active member of International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences, member of the Thesis Board, Editorial board member of Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing RAS, journal «Instrument engineering technology», «Ecology: nature and society», specialist in engineering environmental protection, in approaches and instruments for monitoring, testing, diagnostics of natural environment, materials and products.

During last 5 years supervised the following research works which were conducted in accordance with calendar schedule of RF Ministry of Education and Science:

  • Creation of fundamental basics, methods and means of nondestructive testing of water disposal, supply and treatment objects.
  • Theoretical justification of methods and means of water and water treatment quality testing.

He is the author of more than 590 published works including 70 monographs, manuals and 106 inventions. He prepared for defense of scientific degrees 18 Doctor of Technical Science and 69 Candidates of Technical Science.

  • Laser techniques and technology

Scientific supervisor: Poliakov Vitaliy Evgenievich - Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, leading scientist in the sphere of laser technology and techniques, instruments and methods of nondestructive testing, supervisor and performer of several research works in creation of nonstandard pyrotechnically-pumped lasers and broadband polymer lasers, ultra-broadband piezoelectric transformers, etc. He is the author of 136 published works including 2 monographs, 8 manuals and 37 inventions.

  • Documents and stock papers authenticity verification.

Scientific supervisor: Pavlov Igor Valerievich – Candidate of Techical Science, Associate professor, leading scientist in the area of instruments and methods of materials and products quality testing and diagnostics, supervisor and performer of several research works in creation of methods for testing the counterfeit documents, passports, banknotes and  stock papers. He conducted several works and trained Saint-Petersburg STSI members in methods and means of motor documents authenticity testing.

  • Nondestructive acoustic quality testing method for materials and products using methods of free and forced vibrations

Scientific supervisor: Moskovenko Igor Borisovich

He is a famous scientist in Russia and other foreign countries in the area of nondestructive acoustic quality testing for materials and products using methods of free and forced vibrations. He is the author of more than 110 published works including 6 monographs and 20 inventions.

  • Engineering environmental protection

Scientific supervisor: Volkodaeva Marina Vladimirovna – Doctor of Technical Science.

She is a highly knowledgeable specialist in the area of air protection, she worked out several methods (federal and regional levels), participated in many projects including international ones. Total length of service in the area of air protection from man-induced emission is more than 20 years. She is the author of more than 60 research works including 2 monographs.

  • Ecological safety of natural and technological systems

Scientific supervisor: Denisov Valeriy Nikolaevich.

Main research area of Denisov V.N. is development of theory of ecological safety for complex natural and economic systems, research of ecological safety of transport vehicles and housing and public utilities at the regional and local levels. The results of his researches were presented at several scientific conference and workshops (including international ones), business meetings with interested foreign and Russian companies working in the environmental protection sphere.

Under his supervision there were organized and conducted the following research activities: Round table discussion “Issues of waste treatment: transformational, household, construction and agricultural” within the framework of IX International Conference “Ecology and society development” and IV International Conference “Ecology and agricultural machinery”, 2005, Saint-Petersburg, Research and practice workshop “Ecological municipal improvement of residential areas in big Russian cities” within the framework of VII International ecological, 2007, Saint-Petersburg, I-V International research to practice conferences “Automotive transport: from ecology police to everyday practice” 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010,Saint-Petersburg.

R&D teams

  • “Instruments and methods of environment, materials and products testing”

Head of school of science: Potapov A.I. Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.

Main school research area is development of methods and means of monitoring, testing and diagnostics of environment, instruments and methods of nondestructive testing of products and structures made of structurally non-heterogenic compound materials (concrete, armored concrete, PCMs, rocks and others), physical complexes, systems and innovative technologies for environment protection.

The recognition of R&D team came in 1998 when it was given the RF President award and in 2004 when it received the State Prize in the field of science and technology for development and introduction of methods and means of nondestructive testing of materials and products.

On 9, September, 2004 by the Order of RF President #1154 Professor, Doctor of Technical Science, Potapov Anatoly Ivanovich was given the 2003 Science and Technology State Prize for creation of fundamentals and large-scale introduction of competitive technologies and equipment for nondestructive testing and diagnostics for evaluation of technical condition of different objects.

  • Famous graduates
  • Events

Organization of practical training at companies working in the field of design and production of nondestructive testing instruments:

  • CJSC «Konstanta»
  • JSC «Zvuk»
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