Department of Metrology and Quality Management | Горный Университет

Department of Metrology and Quality Management

Head of Department:
Professor Litvinov Boris Yakovlevich

Tel. 328 8938 extension 1938


Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:30 – 17:15,
Friday 08:30 – 16:15.

The Department
has 13 members:
4 professors,
7 associate professors
and  senior lecturer.

Brief historical overview
On January 25, 1980 the Chairman (the State Committee for Standardization and Metrology) of the USSR V.V.Boitsov and the Minister of Higher and Secondary Vocational Education of the RSFSR        I.F. Obraztsov signed order № 23/49 on the establishment of the Department of Metrology within the North-West Correspondence Polytechnic Institute ( later the North-West State Technical University), affiliated with the Research and Production Association "Mendeleev All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Metrology "( now FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) " Mendeleev VNIIM”).

  • 1984 - First graduation of engineers specializing in metrology;
  • 1985 - Introduction of principles of advanced pedagogics in the educational process;
  • November 17, 1987 - specialty "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" was included in the list of specialties for higher education;
  • 1989 – Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor I.F. Shishkin and Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Y.V. Nemtchinov were awarded certificates of honour by the GosStandart of the USSR  for creation of the new engineering specialty "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management ";
  • 1990 - Professorial Association of Metrologists was eastablished. The Head of the Department of Metrology, Professor I.F. Shishkin was elected the President of the Association;
  • 1992 - The Association received the status of the International Nongovernmental Consultative Organization UNIDO (The United Nations Industrial Development Organization);
  • Years 1997-2009 - implementation of scientific work on development of the standard base of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • 2012 - after the reorganization of the North-West State Technical University the Department became part of the Mechanical Faculty of the National Mineral Resources University as the Department of Metrology and Quality Management.

Aims of the department:

  • Improvement of metrological competence with graduates of technical universities of all specialties.
  • Organization of the new engineering specialty for training of metrologists in our country.

At present the Department trains students in the following specialties and areas:

  • Full-time education - training program 221700.62 "Standardization and Metrology."
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