Department of Materials and Technology of Artworks Manufacturing | Горный Университет

Department of Materials and Technology of Artworks Manufacturing

Head of Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences: 

Professor Pryakhin

Tel: +7 (812) 328 89 37
Rooms: 6303 - 6308

12 people are currently members of the department:
4 Professors
4 Associate Professors
3 Senior lecturers
1 Lecturer

Brief historical overview


1930 was founded as department of Thermal Treatment of Steel and Cast Iron under the supervision of Academic Gudtsov Nikolay.

1968 when reorganizing of NWTU infrastructure the department was renamed and became a part of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy Faculty as Metals and Plastic and Heat Treating Department. The Unit worked under the guidance of Professor Andrey Zavialov  up to the end of academic year of 1971/1972 .

1972 - 1986 the Doctor of Engineering Sciences Professor Boris Bruk succeeded  Andrey Zavialov

1986-1987 Candidate of  Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Geliy Teplukhin.

Late 1986-1987 Doctor of Engineering Sciences Pryakhin Evgeniy had been elected as a head of the department.

16 September 2011 according to the order of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation the department of Materials Study and Materials Manufacturing Technology and Coatings and the Department of Metal Art were integrated within the Faculty of Mechanics of The University of Mines headed by Evgeniy Pryakhin.

The department had been one of the oldest at NWTU. For the efficient use of facilities as well as teaching and research stuff potential which were two first in Russia the new profile Technology of Materials Art (261001) was established in 1992.

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