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Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance

Head of Department:
prof. Sergeev Igor’ Borisovich

Tel: (812) 328-82-49
Local tel: 1249


Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:30 – 17:15,
Friday 08:30 – 16:15.
Department includes
40 members, among them:
7 professors,
25 associate professors,
5 senior lecturers
and 3 assistant lecturers.

Brief historical overview:

1938 - creation of the Department "Economics and Organization of the Mining Industry" which began training mining engineers and economists;

1976 - formation of the separate Department "Economics and Organization of Geological Exploration" which separated from "Economics and Organization of the Mining Industry" Department due to the need of training professionals in the field of economics of mineral resources and exploration;

1988 – the Department is renamed into "Economics, Accounting and Auditing" in connection with the opening at the institute of the program training students in the specialty 080109 "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing" and also due to the fact that experts in accounting and auditing joined the Department;

2011 – the Department is renamed into "Economics, Accounting and Finance" in connection with the reorganization of the Institute into the National Mineral Resources University (the University of Mines) and the emergence of the new specialty "Finance and Credit".

General information:

Currently there are 40 employees at the Department, of which:

  • 7 professors;
  • 25 associate professors;
  • 5 senior lecturers;
  • 3 assistant lecturers.

The uniqueness of the teaching staff of the Department is that there are:

  • two Honorary Figures of Russian Higher School (Professor Pashkevich N.V., Associate Professor Iseeva L.I.);
  • an Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Professor Pashkevich N.V.);
  • two Academicians of MANEB (Professor Pashkevich N.V., Professor Nedosekin A.O.);
  • a Member of the Russian Association Council on Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing (Professor Nedosekin A.O.).

Over the years the Department has trained:

  • 6 Doctor of Sciences;
  • 60 Candidate of Sciences.

The department has:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in specialty 080100 "Economics";
  • certified specialists programs in specialties 080105 "Finance and Credit", 080109 "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing", 080502 "Economics and Business Management (in mining and exploration)";
  • economic-organizational and legal training of students of geological, mining, oil and metallurgical specialties.

The education program meets the requirements of the labor market, needs of potential employers and consumers in the field of economics, accounting and finance.

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