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Department of Economic Theory

Head of Department:
Professor Khaykin Mark Mikhailovich

Tel: (812) 328-82-41
extension 1241


Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 08:30 – 17:15,
Friday 08:30 – 16:15.
Department includes
11 members, among them:
3 professors,
5 associate professors,
1 senior lecturers
and 2 assistant lecturers.

Brief historical overview

Founded 1929


  • 1929-1938      Altshuller Mark Abramovich
                              Associate professor, Candidate of Economic Science
  • 1938-1961      Gorokhovsky Efim Lvovich
                               Associate professor, Candidate of Economic Science
  • 1961-1966       Yakovets Yuri Vladimirovich
                               Professor, Doctor of Economic Science
  • 1966-1990       Solovjeva Evgenia Anatolievna
                               Professor, Doctor of Economic Science
  • 1990-2012       Volovich Vasily Nikolaevich
                               Professor, Doctor of Economic Science
  • 2012-present   Khaykin Mark Mikhailovich
                               Professor, Doctor of Economic Science


The very existence of the department of Political Economy is directly related to the history of the emergence and development of the Mining Institute. The teaching of political economy was introduced in the last century, according to the Institute’s Mining Charter, which was adopted in 1866.

Organizationally, the Department as a separate division of the University was established in 1929 and called Political Economics and Mining Economics. The Department was headed by M.A. Altshuller until 1938. From 1934-8 it existed as a department of Political Economics. In 1938 a department of Marxism-Leninism was founded on the basis of the Department of Economics. In 1946, the faculty of political economics once again began to function as an independent unit.

A characteristic feature of the department of Political Economics of the Mining Institute is that its members would not only ensure a high level of arts education for students, but also participated and continue to participate in scientific research on the most pressing problems of the economy.

Given the specificity of the Mining Institute, the focus of scientists and economists from the Department of Political Economics had, along with the general theoretical problems, always been concentrated on issues related to the economic development of the mining industries, and environmental management in general. It happened so that for last 50 years the department was headed by Doctors of Economics, specializing in the field of environmental economics. So we can speak of a scientific school that was developed by the department. This school was headed by (in chronological order): Doctor of Economics, Professor Y.V. Yakovets, Doctor of Economics, Professor E.A. Solovyova, Doctor of Economics, Professor V.N. Volovich. During this period, the department published more than 20 monographs, textbooks on political economics for technical schools (co-author PhD, professor V.N. Volovich), textbooks on economic theory and various research articles. All these works are fundamentally focused on the economic issues of natural resources and other, relevant socio-economic problems. It should be noted that the work of the department’s research and development team is of theoretical value but also has practical application. So according to one of the department’s proposed projects, in 1966, wholesale prices for shale and price lists of target prices for coal for mines at the Vorkutaugol works were adopted.

In recent years, departmental staff have worked on developments for pricing and calculation of the cost of production of raw materials for nepheline processing at the Pikalevo and Achinsk alumina refineries.

The Department of Political Economics was a base for the St Petersburg city Committee for issues of environmental management issues. The course of political economics both in the last century and in the current one was and is being taught by prominent scientists, economists and pedagogues at the Mining Institute.

For example, at the Mining Institute this course was taught by the famous A.A. Voznesenskiy in the 1920s. The experienced teachers were Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor E.A. Solovieva, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Y.V. Yakovets. Currently, the department has the following experienced lecturers: Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences V.M. Vasiltsova, V.N. Volovich, M.M. Khaykin, associate professors, Candidate of Economic Sciences N.Y. Kirsanova, Candidate of Economic Sciences O.M. Lenkovets, L.A. Makhova, Candidate of Economic Sciences Zakharov P.O.

Currently, two main courses are being taught at the department of political economics: a general course in economics for engineering students and a course on economic theory for students of the Faculty of Economics. Both courses have been developed by the department on the basis of new program, which is based on the market economy. The program is fully consistent with government standards on these economic disciplines.

In addition to these core study areas, academic subjects for students of the Faculty of Economics, including micro- and macro- economics for graduate students, are taught at the department. The teaching of these courses is also being carried out as part of programs developed by departmental staff, and fully comply with state educational standards.

Historically, the department has always worked on socio-economic problems of environmental management. Currently, the department is looking at the socio-economic problems of Russian reforms and social factors in the dynamics of the subsoil resource management. To look at this issue, leading professors and associate professors have created a scientific school. Departmental lecturers and leading scholars of St. Petersburg and Russia are active participants in this school.

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