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Department of Russian Language and Literature

Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of philological sciences: Shchukina Darya Alekseyevna

Address: 2, 21st Line, St Petersburg 199106, Russia.

Tel.: (812) 328 82 83


Department includes
14 members, among them:
3 professors,
9 associate professors,
2 assistant lecturers.

History of the department

The teaching of humanities subjects at the Mining University has a long tradition. The first lecturer of Russian literature and rhetoric was a member of the Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences, Ivan Stepanovich Rizhsky (1759 - 1811), the author of works on rhetoric, literature, logic and philosophy.

The modern Department of Russian Language and Literature was established in 1956, and was aimed at teaching Russian to the foreign students and trainees of the Mining Institute.

In the 1990s, the range of research interests of the department expanded, which was reflected in the appearance of new academic disciplines. The curriculum included Cultural Studies, Russian language and culture of speech, Culture of the Russian scientific and business communication (for students), Culture of speech and writing. Rhetoric (for graduate students), which are now studied at all the faculties of the university.

In 1998 a postgraduate school majoring in specialty 10.02.01, Russian language, was established at the department. Over the past three years, there have been four successful defenses of dissertations by graduate students. Currently the department has 6 graduate students and 2 academic advisers: Professor Shchukina D.A. and Professor Vasilyeva G.M. at the postgraduate school.

Since 2005, refresher courses for teachers at Russian universities have been held at the Department. Over the course of eight years, more than 700 people from 50 cities of the Russian Federation have attended the courses.

Students and teachers of the Russian language and literature department take part in various cultural events.

Currently there are 14 lecturers, including 3 doctors of sciences and 10 candidates of sciences working at the department.

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