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Department of Sociology and Psychology

Head of Department, Candidate of Historical sciences, associate professor:
Zavrazhin Vladimir Nikolaevich

Address: 2, 21st Line, St Petersburg 199106, Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 328 84 19
extension 1596


Department includes
15 members, among them:
8 associate professors,
3 senior lecturers
4 assistant lecturers.


General information

The Department of Sociology and Psychology began its work on September 1, 2010 after Department of History and Political Science was divided into two separate units within the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences and Humanities. The academic, teaching and research work of the Department is organized within the framework of two subject and methodology sections:

  • sociology and political science section
  • psychology and pedagogics section.

Sociology and political science were approved as university academic subjects in 1992. Psychology and pedagogics have been taught since 1995.
The Department currently employs 8 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers and 4 assistant lecturers.

The Department carries out research in the following areas:

Collaborative studies on state-funded topics: Social-psychological education and forming of students’ professional competence in a technical university (2012-2013); Information and communication technologies in education in the humanities for mining engineers (2014-2016);

  • Individual research and development works of Department staff, including work on theses;
  • Participation of Department staff in education and research conferences and workshops;
  • Opponency and evaluation of theses, authors’ abstracts and research articles;
  • Supervision of students’ research work.

The main fields of departmental research are:

Sociocultural aspects of globalization and the problems of modernization of the higher education system in Russian society.
Socio-political processes in modern Russian society.
Ideology and practice of present-day liberalism.
The fundamental mechanisms of mental reflections.
Social perceptions.
Psychological mechanisms of creativity.



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