Department of Philosophy | Горный Университет

Department of Philosophy

Head of Department,  Doctor of  philosophical sciences:
Mikhail Igorevich Mikeshin

Address: Study Center No.2, 82, Sredny Prospekt, the Mining University, St Petersburg 199026, Russia.

Tel.: +7 (812) 328 82 29


Department includes
10 members, among them:
1 professor,
6 associate professors,
2 assistant lecturers.

The History of the Department

Philosophy has been taught as a subject at the Mining University since 1786. The first teacher of philosophy at the University was a well-known Russian logician and philosopher, Professor Ivan S. Rizhsky (1759-1811). He later became an Academician of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Using his lecture courses, in 1790 he published one of his first manuals on Logic and Philosophy (which was one of the best training guides and scientific works in Russia) called ‘Logic or Mental Philosophy, written at the St. Petersburg Mining College for the Benefit of its Students.’
In its present form, the Philosophy Department at the Mining University was set up in the 1930s and existed as both an independent department and one which was combined with other departments of the faculty of social sciences. The work of the Philosophy Department in the last decades has been associated with the names of many famous Russian philosophers, such as Professors V.I. Svidersky, M.A. Kissel, L.A. Mikeshina, V.A. Karpunin. The Department was headed by Professors L.V. Smirnov (196-1978), M.S. Kozlova (1979-1988), V.A. Skorobogatov (1988-1995) and Mining University graduate Professor Boris Y. Pukshansky (1995-2011), Doctor of Philosophy, the Honored Higher Education Teacher of the Russian Federation.
The Department trains bachelors, masters, specialistsand graduate students in a wide range of Philosophical and Social Subjects and the Humanities. Philosophical training of Ph.D. students of all the departments of the University considers the peculiarities of the University’s academic process and each graduate’s degree. Scholars of the Department conduct scientific research and publish their results in Russian and foreign journals on philosophy and the methodology of science and technology, epistemology, and the history of philosophy.

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