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EGOROV Alexey Borisovich

Head of Department,Assosiate Professor, candidate of Techn. Sciences

Contract period :  2012 - 2017

Academic subjects

  • Introduction in the teaching-learning direction. Introduction in 190601.65 specialization.
  • Certification and licensing in Production and Vehicles Operation sphere
  • Organization and Production structures of Estimation Activity on Road Transport
  • Estimation activity on Road Transport, part 3

         Main  fields of research

  • Estimation Activity on Road Transport ( technical exploitation of cars)
APHANASIEV Alexandr Sergeevich

Professor, Candidate of Techn.Sciences

Academic subjects
  • Theoretical basis of Estimation Activity on Road Transport
  • Automobiles diagnosing
  • Road transport and electric transport diagnosing
  • Mechanical systems traffic safety
  • Physical safety automobiles basics and diagnosing
  • The Safety theory basics
EGOROV Sergei Victorovich
Associate Professor, Candidate of Techn.Sciences

 Academic subjects

  • Computing and networking in the industry (Information systems and technologies)
  • Fundamentals of technical systems reliability
  • Industrial and technical enterprises infrastructure
  • Technical systems control
ZAGORSKIY Sergei Mikhailovich

 Associate professor, Candidate of Techn. Sciences

Academic subjects

  • Certification and licensing in production and operation sphere
  • Organization of state technical resources count and control
  • Technical systems control
  • Fundamentals of production technology and automobiles repairing (basis)
KATZUBA  Yuriy Nikolaevich

 Assosiate professor, Candidate of Eng. Science

Academic subjects
  • Automobile Engineering, diagnostics and repairing
  • Technical systems control
  • The fundamentals(basis) theory of safety and diagnostics
  • Estimation activity on road transport, part 1,2
  • Technical exploitation  of vehicles
  • Technological processes of road transport estimation activity and repairing
KOSTENKO Vladislav Igorevich

Associate Professor, Candidate of Eng.Science

 Academic subjects
  • Resource saving when conducting automobile technical operations and repairing
  • Automobile service materials
  • Computing and networking in industry
  • Automated systems of automobile Information Processing
  • Fundamentals of automobiles production and repairing

FEDOTOV Vitaliy Nicolaevich

Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences

Academic subjects

  • Car service and brand maintenance
  • Automobiles engine construction
  • Basics of scientific researches
  • Power-generating sets
  • Project-design basics and technological equipment maintenance
  • Practical students training
BAZHENOV Alexandr Alexandrovich

Senior lecturer, Candidate of Eng. Science

Academic subjects:
  • Electronics and Electrical Equipment of automobiles and vehicles
  • Technological automobile and road transport process designing
  • Maintenance materials
  • Technical systems control


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