Schools of Science:

List of research works:

Multicriterea logical-combinatorial synthesis of technical systems and man-machine complexes

  • staff: Prof. Ankudinov G.I., associate prof. Ankudinov I.G., graduate student Belozyorov A.L.
  • goal: Systems analysis of subject field and  methodical enhancement of  multicriterea structure- parametritical synthesis of technical systems and man-machine complexes
  • objectives: methodical elaboration of  databases and  и Knowledge databases, algorithms and programs of multicriterea logic-synthesis of technical systems and man-machine complexes
  • advances: experimental databases, Knowledge databases and  programs of multicriterea structural synthesis of technical systems and man-machine complexes


Computer modeling of complicated systems

  • staff: Prof. Brigadnov I.A., associate prof. Kuz'min K.I., sen.lect.   Sanarova T.V., graduate student Fedotova E.M.
  • goal: Analysis of design decisions
  • objectives: automation of process of  design decisions estimation
  • advances: publications on design decisions estimation
  • connection: Otto-von-Gericke Universitat Magdeburg (Germany)


Methods of modern theoretical and practical Informatics

staff: Prof. Ivanova V.I., associate prof. Kopeykin M.V., associate prof.  Spiridonov V.V., sen.lect. Shumova E.O.,  graduate student Kulish A.V.,  graduate student Dvadtsatov R.V.

  • goal: development of  modern theoretical and practical Informatics, methods of  processing and information storing
  • objectives: creation of ways of analysis and synthesis, helping students to grasp basic technical and special subjects on information technologies, computing and systems, toolset and methods of program systems design
  • advances: non-distributive Algebra Logics creation, methods of методов speeded up record retrieval in databases


Scientific Centres

Cisco Networking Technologies

  • «Basics of Cisco networking technologies » advanced training and refresher courses for IT specialists supporting and operating networks.
  • «Design and maintenance of Cisco computer networks» - advanced training and refresher courses for IT specialists who build , support and operate networks
    • additional tutorials
      «Basics of information and communication technologies and network administration» - training of certified experts in courses of Cisco Networking  Academy:
      • IT Essentials (qualification level «IT Support Specialist»);
      • CCNA Discovery (qualification level «Entry Networking Technician»);
      • CCNA Exploration (qualification level «Network Associate»)
    • Certification CCNA were received by 7 students


Scientific Training

Prof. Brigadnov I.A., direction – “Applied Mathematics” at  Otto-von-Gericke Universitat Magdeburg (Germany) (October-November 2012 г.)


Person in charge



IV Forum “ Effective cooperation in Europe”

Marunin V.N.



Perspectives of science and education development. International scientific and practical conference

Ivanova I.V.

Kuz'min K.I. Kopeykin M.V.


28.09.2012 г


VI International conference ”Management of large-scale systems development” (MLSD’2012)

Ankudinov G.I.

Ankudinov I.G.




XIX International scientific and methodical conference ”Modern education: contents, technologies, quality”

Klimenko A.V.

Kuz'min K.I.



XVI International conference on soft calculation and measuring (SCM'2013)

Kuz'min K.I.



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