R&D team:

The history of the department started in 1844 when the first Professor department of Mining Mechanics was organized and headed by the mining engineer, distinguished professor Petr Alekseevich Olyshev. Since 1870 the department of Applied and mining mechanics was headed by Ivan Avgustovich Time – the founder of the Mining mechanics school and Russian mechanic engineers school. Since 1885 they started to teach Mechanic technology and since 1896 – Metal and wood technology.

(23(11).07.1838 – 05.11.1920)

In 1914 the adjoint, afterwards academician German Aleksandr Petrovich became the Professor of Machinery engineering department. Since 1919 the Professors’ department of Fundamentals of Mechanic engineering was headed by mining engineer, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Levenson Lev Borisovich. In December 1931 the department of Fundamentals of Mining engineering, Perspective Geometry and technical drawing was founded as one of the structural department of the university, which later became the department of Applied mechanics and machinery elements. In 1953 it was titled as the department of Applied mechanics and graphics and since 1933 headed Professor Schukin Andrey Afanasievich. Up to 1931 the main department subject was course in Technology of metals. The renewed department was headed by Associate professor Efremov A.I.

In 1936 the department was reorganized into the department of Metal technologies and stone casting and in 1946 again into department of Metal technologies. Since 1938 it was headed by Professor Obolduev T.A., Professor Nisselshtraus G.Z., prominent metallurgist, Associate professor Butalov V.A. Starting from 1963 the university department were reorganized and at the basis of Applied mechanics and graphic department in 1964 they founded the department of Mining machines design, and in 1965 it became the department of Perspective geometry and Graphics. In 1975 it was merged with the department of Metal technologies and Mining mechanic engineering and was renamed into the department of Design of mining machines and mechanic engineering technology.

Leading R&D team «Machines, mechanisms and power supply for mining industry»

Gabov Viktor Vasilievich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor
Honorary worker of Russian professional education

Underground and open pit mining and processing of mineral resources as well as offshore and shelf sea mining has been characterized by constant growth of throughput of rock masses, huge energy consumption, heavy and hazardous working conditions, difficult and changing with time and space geological conditions.

By now within the framework of this R&D team there were formed several research groups:

  • creation of safe, adaptive to geological conditions, highly productive mechanized modular units for underground and open pit mining of solid mineral deposits, sea-bed mineral deposits and turf deposits;
  • improvement of technological processes of mining mechanic engineering;
  • improvement of mining tools on the basis of new materials with nanocrystalline structure, which allow minimizing energy consumption for rock failure;
  • decrease of power consumption of grinding processed of bulk materials by improving processing equipment using the vibration;
  • creation of machine units and equipment for fuel turf development for small-scale energy generation and supporting development of energotechnological clusters on the basis of local fuel resources.

Mikhailov Aleksandr Viktorovich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor,
Participant and coordinator of Technological platform «Small-scale distributed generation»

Targets of the Technological platform:

  • Creation of the internal demand for innovative solutions in the sphere of small-scale distributed generation
  • Creation of national scientific technological and production engineering base capable of serving large-scale establishment of systems with distributed generation on the basis of high technologies
  • Reaching technological leadership and competitiveness in the chosen fields (technologies) and development of platform members activities at the global markets
  • Development of law and rules and regulations in order to create favorable conditions for development of small-scale distributed generation in Russia

The practical results of platform activities should be in typing of equipment and design of alternative modules of small-scale distributed generation objects on the basis of separate combined elements (different types of generation, local networks, means of control and automation, energy storage, etc). This approach will provide the acceleration of cycles of introduction of new developments into production, minimization of expenses for introduction and distribution of new equipment, specialization of service and information networks, etc.

Adress, tel, e-mail: StP, Vasilievsky island, line 21, b. 2,
tel. +7 (812) 328-8936,

«Machines and mechanisms» (area – «Development of scientific technical decisions for raising lifetime of quick-wear elements of mining machines »)

Head of R&D team - Professor Kozyaruk A.E.
Head of area – Professor Bolobov V.I.,

  • Members of research area:

Associate professor  – Batalov A.P
Assistant lecturers: Khafizova O.F., Kremcheeva D.A.
Postgraduate students: Bochkov V.S., Chupin S.A., Benedik V.Y.
Students: Yusupov G.A., Lopatyuk A.O., Ishutkin E.V., Karpushin A.N., Bondarenko P.P., Malov D.A.

  • goal: raising lifetime and durability of quick-wear elements of mining processing machinery.
  • tasks:
    • development of technical solutions for decreasing the existing components wear rate,
    • increase of wear resistance of metal structural materials by imparting them nanostructure conditions
  • achievements:
    invention patent #2451591 at 27.5.2012 «Method of surface strengthening of steel mill linings»
  • connections with foreign and Russia companies and universities:
    • Tsinghua University (Beijing, China),
    • Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University

Adress, tel, e-mail: StP, Vasilievsky island, line 21, b. 2,
tel. +7 (812) 328-8936,

Scientific trainings

Names of lecturers and postgraduate students

Goal and place of hosting universities and organizations

Timofeev I.P.

Training in England

At the basis of University of Tartu and Tallin Polytechnic University (Estonia)

Nagornov D.O.

Training in Stockholm (Sweden)

Bolobov V.I.

Training in Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)

Ivanov S.L.
Maksarov V.V.
Uvarov V.P.
Zadkov V.A.
Batalov A.P.
Alekseeva L.B.
Krasny V.A.
Ershov D.Y.
Zlotnikov E.G.

«Modern mineral processing technologies», at the basis of technological universities of Lappeenranta and Helsinki.

Mikhailov A.V.

Training at the basis of TU Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany) and participation in 23rd International Symposium «Design of mine development and selection of equipment for increasing efficiency of mining operations» in Dresden

Gabov V.V.
Zvonarev I.E.
Korolev I.A.
Fokin A.S.
Kubshinkin S.Y.
Lykov Y.V.
Yungmeister D.A.

Design of mine development and selection of equipment for increasing efficiency of mining operations, Czech Republic

Bochkov V.S.

Report at the international conference and studying the modern mining processing equipment at the basis of Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany).

At the basis of Marubeni Corporation company, Tokyo, Japan, visiting lectures

Chupin S.A.

Participation in XXI International Forum of materials testing, Ulm.

At the basis of Krakow Mining Academy – definition of wearability of rock cutting tools.

At the basis of Freiberg Mining Academy – increasing wearability and strength pf mining machines cutting tools

Maksarov V.V.
Mikhailov V.V.
Timofeev I.P.
Khalimonenko A.D. Timofeev D.Y.
Borisova L.G.

«Modern mining machines and units», Estonia, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Tallin Technical University, SJSC EestiEnergia (Riigi aktsiaselts Eesti Energia)

Maksarov V.V..

«Modern technologies of mining and metallurgic industries» at the basis of Toronto University, Royal University (Kingston), Laurentian University (Sudbury), Canada Eurasia Russian Business Association (CERBA) and participation in geological exhibition and conference PDAC, Canada

Batalov A.P.

Dresden University (Germany, 2013)

Golikov N.S.
Kustrikov E.V.
Lavrenko S.A.
Shibanov D.A.

Training at the basis of Silesia Polytechnic University (Poland) 01.03.2013 – 09.03.2013.

Participation in the International scientific conference in EMAG.

Kremcheeva D.A.

Training in Tallin Polytechnic University (Estonia)

Workshops, conferences


Person in charge



I Regional Interuniversity research conference «Innovative systems of planning and management in transportation and mechanic engineering»

Terentiev A.V., StP



International Practical Conference «New word in science and practice: theories and approbation of research results»

Chernov S.S., Novosibirsk

October 2012


XVIII International practical conference «Science and modern times».

Chernov S.S., Novosibirsk

October 2012.


International practical conference «Technical sciences: current problems and future prospective».


December 2012,


3rd International practical conference «Modern mechanic engineering. Science and education».

Radkevich M.M., Evgrafov A.N., StP, StPSPU

June 2013


International practical conference «Innovations in science »


January 2013


International Conference «Biosystems Engineering»

Estonian University of Sciences, Tartu, Estonia, prof. Maksarov V.V.

09-13 May 2013


8th International DAAAM Baltic Conference «INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING»-

Tallinn, Estonia,

prof. Maksarov V.V.

19-21 April 2013


USB Proceedings. IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing.

Tampere Hall Tampere, Finland,

 prof. Maksarov V.V.

25th-27th May 2013


XVI International practical conference «Problems of durability and safe operation of materials and structures»


prof. Maksarov V.V. 

26 - 27 October 2013


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