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Room No. 7202 – laboratory  92 m2
Room No. 7208 – laboratory     92 m2
Room No. 7101 – laboratory 64 m2
Room No.7212, specialized classroom “Lentransgas» 61.5m2.
Total 309.5m2
  • Laboratories

MINING TRANSPORT MACHINES– room 7202, Sq.7208 (92,2 +92), 184 m2.  The laboratory holds models of mining transport machines which help students to study structure of special equipment. The training simulators allow to study hydrotransport and conveying transport, structure of dump trucks, hoisting equipment, locomotive haulage equipment, model of dumping cage. 25 students can study in the laboratory.

Stationary plants and hydraulic drive – room 7101 Sq.64m2.

The laboratory holds furniture and shelves with manuals and devices, including stationary machines, hydraulics and hydraulic drive, equipment of ventilation and water disposal: pump K-20/30; hammer drill; indicator MAN-2p; oscillograph C1-74; microscope MIS-11; barometer MF; differential manometer DM; compressor plant K-6; ventilation plant VD-6; stationary simulator of vibration monitoring «VibXpert», posters. Up to 20 students can study in the laboratory.
Total lab square  248m2.

Specialized classrooms with photo support

Specialized “Lentransgas” classroom  -No. 7212, Sq. 61.5 m2.

The room is used for studies which require audio-, video and computer tools according to subjects of the department and faculty. Here graduation projects, master and bachelor theses are presented. The room is also used for workshops and conferences, for Faculty Council and Dissertation Council meeting. Number of seats – 20.

Computer classroom – No.7309, Sq. 58m2.

The computer classroom holds 12 computers «HPIntelcore2-Duo» and laser printer. 20 students can study here at one time.

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