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Last year under the supervision of the Department staff a number of students took part in the following conferences and research work contests:

  1. 4th All-Russian youth academic conference “Scientific capability of young people: the future of Russia” (2012) – 5 students.
  2. Award of the Government of St. Petersburg to the winners of 2012 student research contest on issues related to establishing the atmosphere of tolerance in St. Petersburg, with the work published in the collection of articles: Ksenia Koveshnikova, Faculty of Economy.
  3. All-Russian research and practice conference held by Association on Moral and Spiritual Education “Pokrov”: report made by Mila Mamchich, Faculty of Economy.
  4. Inter-university open research and practice workshop “Topical issues of socio-humanistic knowledge: patriotic education of young people and students”, held on May 14 to 15, 2013 at Institute of Sociology and Management of Social Processes of St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics: report “Family values in social establishment of modern young people” made by Aleksandra Svetlova, Faculty of Economy, with publication in the workshop materials.


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