The department’s R&D team, assistant lecturer E.A.Karasev, associate professor A.B.Makhovikov and assistant lecturer D. M. Semenov are working on project No. 8.8636.2013, Scientific and methodical maintenance of activity and information support of the center of new information technologies and training resources, according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 2013.

The department carries out research into key issues in the research field Sustainable Mining (the research supervisor is the head of the R&D team, Professor V. S. Litvinenko) focusing on Application of Computer Technologies in the Mineral and Raw Materials Complex.

This includes:

  1. Improving the training of specialists in the mineral and raw material complex by using modern information and communication technologies (research supervisor – associate professor A.B. Makhovikov)
  2. Computer and mathematical modeling of geomechanical processes in a massif (research supervisor – associate professor G. N.Zhurov)


Staff  Participation in Conferences 2012-2013

  1. International scientific and methodological conference, Mathematics in secondary and higher education, St Petersburg
  2. Scientific and practical conference with international participation, XLI Week of Science in SPbPU, St Petersburg
  3. International scientific and methodological conference, Advanced intellectual technologies and innovations at national research universities, St Petersburg
  4. The 2nd International technical and methodological conference, Actual problems of infotelecommunication in science and education, St Petersburg
  5. XIX International scientific and methodological conference, Modern education: contents, technologies, quality, St Petersburg
  6. All-Russian scientific and practical conference, Innovative technologies in media education, St Petersburg
  7. The 13th international scientific and practical conference, Developing professional culture for XXI century specialists in a technical University, St Petersburg
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