The department has published 215 scientific publications over the past two years including:

  1. in Web of Science and Scopus: 6
  2. in foreign publications: 16
  3. in Russian journals listed in the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles: 4
  4. in other Russian and foreign journals: 59

Basic courseware

  • Manuals:
  1. The use of software for applied mathematical modeling.: manual/ O.G.Bykova, The National Mineral Resources University - SPB 2012. - 58 p. - Bibliography: p. 53. - ISBN 978-5-94211-552-4: 25-00.
  2. Informatics: Introduction to working in the MATLAB environment: manual/ .V.A.Polishchuk; G.V. Perkhanov, The National Mineral Resources University - SPB 2010. - 73 p. - Bibliography: p. 70. - ISBN 978-5-94211-426-8.
  • E- Manuals:
  1. Belyaev V.V., Kosovtseva T.R. Econometrics
  2. Belyaev V.V, Chirgin A.V. Methods of optimal decisions
  3. Bobrova L.V., Vekshina N.V., Makshara L.V. Information technologies and systems in economics
  4. Bobrova L.V. Mathematics, part 2. Applied mathematics
  5. Bobrova L.V., Sibiryov V.N. Calculus
  6. Bykova O.G. Mathematical modeling software
  7. Zhurov G.N. Mathematical methods in engineering
  8. Makhovikov A.B., Pevneva A.G., Bobrova L.V., Kondrashov A.P., Sattarova N.I., Ilyin A.E., Makshara L.V., Prudinskiy G.A., Ovchinnikova E.N., Krotova S.Y.,  Informatics. Part 1. IT Basis.
  9. Makhovikov A.B., Pevneva A.G., Bykova O.G., Bobrova L.V., Kosovtseva T.R., Sattarova N.I., Makshara L.V., Prudinskiy G.A., Informatics. Part 2. Data burst MS Office.
  10. Makhovikov A.B., Pevneva A.G., Bykova O.G., Ovchinnikova E.N., Informatics. Part 3. Application software bundles
  11. Makhovikov A.B., Pevneva A.G., Bykova O.G., Bobrova L.V., Zhurov G.N., Kondrashov A.P., Ovchinnikova E.N., Pivovarova I.I., Vekshina N.V., Informatics. Part 4. Basis of algorithmization and programming.
  12. Musta L.G., Kosovtseva T.R. Information technologies in management
  13. Nikitin A.N., Yumaeva A.V. Information technologies in management
  14. Petukhova N.M. Mathematical methods in the organization of motor transport production
  15. Petukhova N.M. Mathematical modeling in the motor transport
  16. Petukhova N.M. Economic-mathematical models and methods in logistics
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