Research and development teams:

Name Metrology and metrological support

Head of the R&D team: Shishkin Igor Fyodorovich  - Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Fellow of the Metrological Academy of the Russian Federation, Fellow of  RAEN (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences), Fellow of MANEB (International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences), Fellow of Peter's Academy of Sciences and Arts, President of the International  Professorial Association, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education

  • staff of the team: staff of the Department of Metrology and Quality Management at the National Mineral Resources University  (University of Mines), of the base enterprise – D.I. Mendeleev VNIIM, scientists and researchers – graduates and former postgraduhe ates of the Department 
  • postgraduates + students
    More than 20 Candidates and Doctors of Engineering Science have been trained since the establishment of research and development team.
  • aims
    Carrying out of research in the following fields:
    • Development of systems of unit reproduction and transfer of their size
    • Decentralized unit reproduction
    • Designing of metrological laboratories
    • Qualimetry and quality management
  • objectives
    Development and improvement of metrological support in various sectors of
  • achievements
    • The new engineering specialty "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" emerged and training  of specialists in this field in our country and in neighboring countries was organized;
    • the first textbook on quality control and quality management in our country was  published;
    • the state program of compliance assessment in the Republic of Kazakhstan was developed;
    • the theory and methodology of equipment complex production were developed which allow  to improve metrological reliability of electronic equipment control;
    • Creation of  the International Professorial Association - Member of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization ( UNIDO), the observer of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS.
  • Contacts with foreign and national companies and universities
    maintaining horizontal linkages between scientists from different countries through the International Professorial Association

Address, phone number, e-mail: 199026, St. Petersburg, Vasilyevsliy Ostrov, Line 21, Building 2,
Room 1222, tel.: (812) 328-89-38; E-mail:

Scientific  Training

The staff members of the Department have regular scientific trainings at FGUP (Federal State Unitary Enterprise) "D.I. Mendeleev VNIIM

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