Development of new high-strength steel of  high performance

  • aims:

Development of high performance characteristics of plasticity and viscosity  of high-strength and ultra high-strength steel

  • Tasks:

Provision of reliable and long-life use of high-load vital parts of mechanisms

  • achievements:

There are over 30 patents and invention certificates of recently developed types of steel

partnership and collaboration with Russian and international companies and Universities


Research centers  staff:

  • Doctor of Engineering Sciences,  Professor Pryakhin E.I.
  • candidate of engineering science, Associate Professor Larionova E.V.
  • Zakharenko E.A., engineer
  • Vinogradova E.I.  - lecturer



Project Performing aims


The development of the technology of surface coats of metals with formation of local nanostructured oxide systems for diverse functional purposes.

  • Goals in  innovative teaching activities

a) Adaptation of  teaching programmes and teaching tools to nowadays conditions of market economy:

- implementation of training of engineers for upcoming high technology industries

- proposals on full-range teaching programmes envisaging elective courses for an enterprise goal-oriented students (curriculum and teaching programmes upgrading)

- modification of programmes and reorganization of training process to accelerate the creativity of students for better knowledge acquisition (revision of content and realization of laboratory works and practice courses);

- e-teaching methods application;

- provision of training process for specialty of new specialization (150501) – Materials Science in Machinery Manufacturing;

- study activities planning and organization for specializations as below:

 150500 – Materials Science, Materials and Coatings technology (bachelor and master degrees),

150105 – Materials Science sand Heat treating of metals (engineer).

b) Support and further development of competitive level of Russian distant teaching system offering such opportunities as training of skillful and qualified specialists combined with their job activities, the dynamic localisation of teaching programmes in response to industrial needs.

c) Integration of research activities into training process and particularly 6 year students involving into research projects and diploma projects   performing.

d) Renewing of facilities in order to keep the competitive level of teaching and research activities responding to international requirements for methods, tools and information provision within the University.

  • R&D and manufacturing goals

Innovative activities system is designed to create R&D facilities to provide the continuity and high level of the training process. Amid the department responsibilities there are studying and putting  into use the cluster systems of oxides of metals, formed within surface coats with laser irradiation.

Research results permit to recommend the identification mark for use to machinery manufactures. It comprises standard barcode (including one in color), color logo of company and information field with encoded data. The mark will correspond to all requirements of counterfeit protection elements.

  • R&D goals

Generating of R&D projects for the department research groups to focus on. These projects are to create enabling environment for innovative training process:

- fundamental and applied study of formation and control of properties of micro- and nanosystems at the surface of a metal;

- study of structure and chemical composition of thin films;

- study of effect of performance data of laser irradiation on the array of potential configuration of oxides of metals;

- investigation of conditions of formation of micro- and nanostructures possessing specific properties for logging, storage and displaying of data;

- guidelines for oxides of metals use in industrial activities, fine arts and decorative art.

Events scheduled within the innovation project implementation

- goal-oriented students training contracts with industrials;

-full-range academic curriculum and programmes development specialties as below  150501, 150100, 261400 and  261001 in response to industrials needs;

- revision of content and organization of laboratory and practice classes for specialized courses;

- outfit purchase;

- staff training for purchased tools operating;

- research activities;

- research results putting into practice of industrials and  training. 

Expectations in the end of innovative education project implementation

  • In academic activities

Provocation of creativity and independent behavior of students along with good  fundamental and full range specialized training will create the environment for increase of number and significance small innovative enterprises in the area resulting in significant upturn in high technology sectors of national economy.

Main results and products got in the end of the term of financing from national budget.

a) Modification of principles of teaching methods and shift from passive knowledge acquisition to active and conscious profession basics learning.

b) The opportunity for localization of courseware for distant and e-teaching.

c) The development of research activities at the University as base of innovative teaching activities and qualified engineers training   for high technology industrial activities.

d) Making Mechanical Engineering Faculty an institution which is more attractive innovative for investing: students number increases and particularly students involved in development and implementation of students projects in enterprises.

д) Promoting of obtained results into academic programmes of others Universities with the help of  Curriculum and  Instruction Department.

  • World of work

Implementation of the innovative programmes will result in predertermining of favorable environment and premises for creation of system of staff retraining and qualification upgrading in regional industrial enterprises.

  • Research activities

- expansion in the number of diploma research projects by  30%;

- expansion in the number of research projects by  15%;

Consistency и extent of project impact on innovative development of the University, branch, region, and Higher Technical Education Structure.

The members of faculty, students, facilities, coursebooks, training methods are involved in strategy realization.

Innovative academic project implementation will allow:

- keeping the University at the cutting edge in expertise of conditions of formation and properties of surface coats of metallic products

- organizing  qualification upgrading courses for teachers and employees in industry

- carrying performant phase analysis, analysis of structure, irregularities, mechanical and specific properties on request of regional companies

- designing guidelines for metal oxide use in industry and applied and decorative arts – to students of  specialties 150501, 150100, 261400 and 261001  (including those who use distant teaching) to explore the functioning of recent tools designed for materials study. It will increase motivation and performance capacity of training process.

For the University: It will help to the future specialists graduating from the University to operate up-to-date equipment for materials properties study; improvement of research activities with the help of up-to-date equipment;  to use in a more efficient way the potential of academic staff.

For the economy of the branch: University alumni work in machinery manufacturing and metalworking plants, essential for industrial infrastructure of the Russian Federation. The improvement of system of training activities will absolutely make beneficial effect on these companies progress.

For the region: The effect will be manifested in qualification upgrading and staff retraining of the regional enterprises staff.

For Higher Education System of the Russian Federation: The Curriculum and Instruction Department will promote the integration of the results into academic programmes of other Russian Universities.


Cooperation with Russian and International Companies  

  • Collaboration with : Laser Center LLC

For contacts:


Seminars, conferences


Person in charge

Date of held


Regional competition of students’ creative works

Petrov V.N.

Kostileva E.N.

Vasilyeva M.A.



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