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Before 2011 the faculty trained engineers of 5 majors and Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students for majors 130400 “Mining” and 280200 “Environmental protection”. In 2011 due to change over to new higher educational standards for universities in Russia the faculty started expert training for new majors:

  • 130400 «Mining» (6 profiles with mining engineer degree in 5,5 years);
  • 280700 «Technosphere safety» (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), 4 years for Bachelor’s degree and 2 for Master’s;
  • 022000 «Ecology and Environmental management» (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), 4 years for Bachelor’s degree and 2 for Master’s.

Engineering profiles of Mining major:

  • Underground mining of stratified deposits
  • Underground ore mining
  • Open-pit mining
  • Blasting  engineering
  • Applied mining ecology
  • Mine safety and rescue  engineering

Mining engineer degree is conferred after 5,5years of training. There is a possibility to have training at the Senior Division department.

Training includes theoretical, practical and research work. Lectures, practical and laboratory work are conducted by highly qualified specialists in the modern academic-laboratory base. Students have access to information resources of the university, sport facilities and opportunity for development of their creative talents. Starting from the 2nd year students can receive a status of Assistant to professor for purposeful research work under supervision of one of the faculty professors. Annually university holds student research conferences and competitions of Russian and international levels. In summer students have practical training at modern mining enterprises and laboratories.

Students knowing a foreign language have an opportunity to go for traineeship in one of the European or American universities on competition basis.

Faculty graduates are in high demand at the modern labor market. They can work at enterprises, design and research institutions in Russia and abroad.

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