RESEARCH | Горный Университет


There are two R&D teams at the faculty:

  • Solid mineral deposits  mining–scientific supervisors Professor Zubov V.P. (underground mining) and Professor Kholodnyakov G.A. (open pit mining);
  • Geoecology – scientific supervisor Professor Pashkevich M.A.

Research and development fields:

  • Research and development of innovative environmentally friendly  and technically secure mining technology for coal, ore and geothermal deposits;
  • Development of advanced technology of rock conditions control in open-pit and underground mining of mineral deposits;
  • Development of methods of forecasting and control of rock breaking;
  • Development of complex multifunctional systems for  mine safety  assurance at mining enterprises;
  • Development of technology of coal bed methane capture and utilization;
  • Expertise of industrial safety of production facilities, creation of PPE and CPE for mining workers and emergencies prevention;
  • Ecological monitoring and reduction of technogenic catastrophe risk at industrial sites of mineral resources sector.
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