General provisions

According to the Ministry Order, a new indicator, the Educational activity of educational institutions was added to the list of key indicators of state certification and assessment tools. In conformity with this document, 3 indicators must be assessed:

  • Presence of conditions for extra-curricular activities at the educational institution
  • Level of organization of educational activities
  • Creation of motivation for personal development i.e. organization of educational activities, conditions and mechanisms.

This shows the importance of educational work in modern expert training and relevance of implementation of a moral-building system, based on specific features of each university: majors, economic and regional characteristics, history and customs.

In order to establish an efficient system of educational work for training active, socially-conscious and multifaceted specialists, the Mining University has developed a comprehensive plan of educational activities.

This action plan includes a description of the system of educational activities, an organizational chart of educational work management, educational methods and techniques, and a model of the specialist’s personality – the model of the graduate of the Mining University.

The complex plan is a strategy for implementing educational activities; it includes the main development stages, top priorities, goals, deadlines and implementation mechanism.

The educational work of the university is implemented at the following levels: university, faculty, department, student group and other subdivisions of the university.

The first management level is the university level, at which guidelines, general goals and tasks of educational work, development and implementation of common activities at a high professional level are described. The work is coordinated by the Pro-Rector for Academic Subjects who also reports on key performance indicators of educational work and implementation of the complex plan to the Rector.

The university has established a Student Council which works efficiently at this level.

For the coordination of work in specific areas, the university has established the following structures:

  • Curatorial Institution;   
  • Student Government Institution.

These structures work on the basis of regulations approved in the established university procedure.

The level of Faculty of Economics

The Dean and Deputy Dean for Academic Subjects, in accordance with the educational and social work plan, coordinate the activities of heads of departments, deputy heads of departments and curators. The Curators regularly share their experience and report to the Dean and Deputy Dean for Academic Subjects on the main results of educational activities at sub-faculty meetings.

The level of students groups

The student group is a center of educational work. All issues connected with academic subjects, educational work, research, jobs and free time are discussed.

In order to provide daily supervision of academic and educational work in the student groups, the faculty assigns the curators from among the most renowned and experienced lecturers who possess the art of teaching and organizational skills. They are appointed at the beginning of the academic year for 5 training years.

For solving educational and academic problems of the group, the curator uses different methods and tools but mainly the following: students’ involvement in research, individual meetings and discussions, excursions, etc.

At the student group meeting they select a core group headed by the monitor. 

The Student Government Institution is represented by the following structures acting on the basis of rules and regulations approved in the established university procedure:

  • Students Council;
  • Monitors Council;   
  • Students creative groups (research, social, interest).   

The educational system of the Mining University has three levels of university and departmental forms of organization of educational work: 

The 1st level is public events. The traditional ones are the following:

  • Freshman day includes matriculation, introduction to the university, tour of the museum and church, interest inventory test, and handing out of textbooks. It is held on September 1, which in Russia is known as the Day of Knowledge.
  • University Spartakiada Games.
  • Competitions – The best university group, Miss University of Mines.
  • New Year.
  • Students Research and Practical Skills Conference
  • Student Science Assembly.
  • Events dedicated to Victory Day.
  • Graduation Ceremony.

The 2nd level is group events. These are events organized by the student group, the work of assistants to professors, sports groups and student associations.

The 3rd level is individual, personality-oriented educational work, in the following formats:

  • Individual consultations of students by lecturers in issues of university academic and educational activities within the framework of the academic subject;
  • Developing individual programs of students’ professional development;
  • Work as a member of temporary initiative groups implementing specific creative projects (research, teaching, economics, etc.);
  • Individual research work of students under the supervision of lecturers;
  • Work of students during different training sessions under supervision of educators;

The efficiency criteria for university educational work are:

  • Degree of stability and precision of educational work at the university.
  • Level of student involvement in different university and city events.
  • Quality of students’ participation in events, results of competitions, festivals and Miss University of Mines contests.
  • Constant and lively ideas on the part of the students, independent exploration by students of new forms of out-of-class activities, and work to constantly improve the quality of cultural events.
  • Absence of violations of the law among the student body.

The departments of the Faculty of Economics present their reports twice a year at the Faculty’s academic council meetings.

The annual schedules for educational activities are examined, analyzed and approved by the Dean of the Economics Faculty.


Social work plan (2013-2014 academic year)


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