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Laboratories and computer classrooms:

  • Interdepartmental laboratory of Computer Engineering of Economic Faculty

  • Laboratory of Applied forecasting methods at the department of System Analysis Management.
  • Classroom of CISCO Network Academy at the department of Information Systems and Computer Engineering.
  • Computer classrooms:
    • Computer classroom of the Economics, Accounting and Finance department for 15 persons
    • Two computer rooms of Interdepartmental laboratory for 12 and 15 persons
    • Special purpose computer classroom of System Analysis and Management department for 19 persons.
    • Computer classroom of Applied forecasting methods laboratory for 11 persons
    • Classroom of CISCO Network Academy.


Computer classrooms of departments and laboratories are equipped with modern personal computers and multimedia complexes.

The CISCO Network Academy equipment includes:

  • 12 workstation computers
  • 3 CISCO 2801 routers
  • 3 CISCO 2960 multiplexors
  • 4  LinkSys WRT54G wireless routers
  • Multimedia projector.
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